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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Young was great. The Mets were not.

Sorry, Chris. You should be 2-0. Thank you for your fine performance.

Nats beat Mets in 11 innings, 7-3.

• Chris Young had another great start and basically owned the Nationals.  

• As soon as Young leaves the game in the 8th, the Mets' pen blows a 3-1 lead.

• The NY offense was pathetic, striking out 17 times today. 

• Jose Reyes got the Mets' only hit after the 6th with a lead off single in the bottom of the 10th. Harris failed to bunt him over, then struck out. Reyes went 1st to 3rd with a great base running play on a David Wright ground out only to be stranded at 3rd as the potential walk off run. Shocking-the Mets stranded a runner at 3rd! Yeah right, that's what they do best. They should have tried a hit and run or have Reyes straight steal during Harris' at bat. We can't bunt guys over unless it's the pitcher, because we can't give up any outs. We know this goes against National league baseball logic, but so do the Mets. How many times in the last 3 years have we seen them get a runner to 3rd with no outs or one out, and never get him in? Seems like hundreds. It's a sickness. And you can forget about getting him in with 2 outs-that's just crazy talk.

• Next game vs. the Rockies is Monday night at 7:10pm with the return of lunatic fringe Pelfrey. Hey Mike! Mets Blob would like you to work on pulling your head out of your ass now, so you can help your team. Watch Troy Tulowitzki make Citi field look small. Visiting players seem to have the ability to do that.

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