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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


We at METS BLOB understand the baseball season is a long one. There is much logic in pacing your team, and moreover your pitching staff, to survive and thrive in the long haul. But the Mets need to win now. No, it's not too early to tell as many like to say...we've heard that for years, and "they" are always wrong. These early games matter a great deal. The games in August and September will be meaningless for the Mets if something is not done fast. So who cares what kind of shape the Met pitching staff is in on August 27th vs. the Braves? We don't. It won't matter. 

If the current trend holds, important chunks of our team will be gone by July. September baseball will be in June for the boys from Flushing. Play like you really mean it fellas, and Terry, coach like it's game 7. Go all out, and don't wait. If a guy is pitching well, leave him in the game. We don't care about his past, the weather, or any other bullshit chart you can come up with. Men and women all over the country do far tougher jobs in a lot more pain than a pro pitcher after 100 pitches, who gets the next 5 freaking days off. 

And we don't want to hear the term "quality start" unless a guy is leaving in the 8th. "Quality start" is just another term made up by some stat geek to help him better understand a game he couldn't even play at a T-ball level. Yeah, I'm talking about you too, creators of OPS and WHIP! All the math, stats, charts and videos are not improving anyone's performance like HGH and Steroids did...and in some cases still do. Because the men on the field have gifts and talent beyond what can be put down in a chart.  

ROCKIES VS. METS tonight @ 7:10pm
E. Rogers       J. Niese
I hope we enjoy some Johnny Niese tonight...until then enjoy some Johnny Cash.

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