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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Gary and Keith commented on the frightening setting at Saul Katz Field tonight. The fog, the mist and the chill were indeed eerie. At one point Gary called for Vincent Price to make an appearance. No disrespect to Mr. Price, but his films can’t hold a candle to the horror show at Saul Katz Field. The Wilpons took taxpayer money and ill gotten gains from the Madoff scam and created a graveyard with bleachers on Flushing Bay. Even when the Mets were at their worst, Shea had a vibe to it that was special. This place is a hell-hole with a Shake Shack. If the Mets don’t have Exorcist Night on the schedule yet, they better get to it soon. They can give out Rotate-Head, Linda Blair Dolls to all lucky ticket holders. Hell; why not let the little demon perform? Can she possibly be more terrifying than the pitch Niese grooved to Tulowitzki or Wille Harris stumbling around in the outfield like Ed Coleman at Happy Hour?  “Ladies and gentlemen, now levitating for the NY Mets, number 666, Linda Blair, number 666…”

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