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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mets no match for Halladay

Jon Niese pitched well for Jon Niese. By Met front office and coaching staff standards, he pitched a good game...which is exactly what's wrong with the state of pitching in the major leagues today.

The type of performance Niese had today ( 6.1 innings, giving up 2 runs) is considered good by the new major league standard. Starting pitchers today are not expected to do any more. Somehow those last 3 innings are a murky, forbidden zone no starter should ever be expected to enter. If they ever do enter this land of 100 plus pitches, everyone is shocked and amazed.  This has created scads of pitchers who have no idea how to battle, how to get out of jams, or how to get the tough outs in big game spots. Basically, they are babies-not men doing a man's job.

Roy Halladay, on the other hand, is a man. And win or lose, he does a man's job every time he steps on the mound. He expects to finish the game before he throws the first pitch. All 27 outs are his. That's his job. Anything less and he is not satisfied. He has thrown more complete games than any other active pitcher in baseball. The next closest is C.C. Sabathia, and he doesn't even have half as many as Roy. 

The Blob is not trying to write a love letter to the winning pitcher. The point here is why is Roy looked at as a rarity and not the standard? Number crunchers and money ball knuckle heads have ruined baseball in many ways. What did Sandy Alderson really achieve in Oakland beyond learning how to turn a blind eye to the sea of performance enhancing drugs in his locker room? Of course below average players are better and more productive when they are juicing. You don't need a great baseball mind to do that math.

Let's stop babying these over paid and over rated pitchers. Baseball is a boy's game played by men. It's time for real men to take back this game. Roy Halladay is a gifted pitcher, but that's only half of what makes him great. The other half of his greatness is his desire to get the job done. That is something that does not show up on a chart, but is the heart of the game and in the heart of every winner.

Let's see if Young can help us avoid being swept on Sunday night.


Here is the simple truth about today's match up between Jon Niese and Roy "The Robot" Halladay. Last night was the best chance the Mets had to come away with a win in this 3 game series with Philadelphia. Clearly that did not happen, as the Mets fell 10-3. Pelfrey was another mental no-show and Ryan "Gigantor" Howard was a one man wrecking crew.
For the Mets to win today two things need to happen:

1) Jon Niese needs to pitch the game his life.

2) Roy Halladay needs to suddenly drop dead. We don't wish Roy harm-we just worry that even a dead Roy could throw 5 strong innings.

Try to enjoy the game today if you can. The Blob says "if you can" because the Fox control over the MLB Saturdays tends to ruin baseball viewing for many out of market fans. Even DirecTV and internet feeds tend to be blacked out by Fox. It's UN AMERICAN! But Fox is owned by an Australian psycho, so that explains it. Thanks, Bud, for making a deal with the devil and ruining Saturday baseball. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

Princess Pelfrey

Mike is delicate. Mike is sensitive. Mike gets flustered. Mike gets upset when the opposing team reaches base. This causes Mike to throw a half-assed slide-step meatball to Ryan Howard that is still traveling. The loud noise that occurs when Howard’s bat connects with the ball frightens Mike. How could he possibly be expected to pitch the rest of the game after all those bad things happened?

He couldn’t. Mike responded to adversity by licking his hand at hyper-speed, wiping his brow and saying bad words. Every Met fan on the planet knew Mike Pelfrey was done at this point. Unfortunately, Terry Collins and Dan Warthen were watching a different game. They thought Mike deserved to pitch some more. They were wrong.

After the game, Terry said Mike was suffering from the flu. Dan Warthan said he thought Mike threw the ball well. So, Met Fans, stop expecting Mike Pelfrey to act like a major league pitcher. It is not going to happen. As long as Mets management continues to coddle Lil’ Mike, things will never change.

PS we lost to Philly 10-3


Kate's dress was the epitome of elegance and grace with the perfect hint of streamline sexy. Hold on, wrong blog. Sorry, I've been up way too long, and I'm giddy with fairy tale dreams of kings and queens. Let me shift gears.
Mike "Pardon me while I lick my hand" Pelfrey
Vance "My wife's name ain't Alabama" Worley

Tonight @ 7:05 pm
Let the new win streak begin!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

SNY Don't You Just Cover The Game?

The Blob has decided to ignore tonight’s game. We figure if SNY does not feel the action on the field is worth covering, why should we? Clearly, the exploits of Kevin “The Wandering Mannequin” Burkhardt are far more important than the game itself. We will now take you away from reading this post in order to needlessly show several pictures of Kevin:
If possible, as you continue reading, please keep at least one eye on Kevin. Good job, you made it through that sentence and were still aware of Kevin. To reward you for your ability to focus on Kevin, we will now cut to an oversized, particularly beefy shot of Kevin:

Oh, the Nats snapped the Mets 6 game winning streak.

At one point SNY left Kevin to focus on Keith Hernandez breaking down the swings of Ike and Murphy. We love Keith, but SNY should never show Keith or anyone else when Kevin is in the ballpark. Why can’t Kevin break down batting stances and swings? He could do it - he can do anything. Remember when he landed that plane on the Hudson?

Gary Cohen is certainly not shy about sharing his vast baseball knowledge. Tonight, Gary instructed Jose Reyes on the proper way to slide. Gary said when you go in head first; always keep your fingers up so you don’t jam them on the bag. When was the last time Gary went in head first? Has Gary ever gone in head first?


Wild #7


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Happy "6 Pack" Nightcap

METS BEAT NATS 6-3 for their 6th win in a row!
Murphy goes 2 for 2 off the bench.
HR, 2B and 3 RBI.
• We saw a team tonight. A gritty, fight-through-adversity, team. After the god awful call on Reyes at third base in the 8th, Terry Collins bolted from the dugout and went ballistic. He backed his player and let his team - and the National League - know that the days of the Mets getting stepped on are over. Murph fed off the emotion and clubbed a game tying HR.

• The Nats quickly took the lead in the bottom of the 8th, 3-2. 

• In the 9th the Mets took control and buried the Nats. Highlighted by a Ching Ling HUge sac fly to tie the game and another rope by Murphy driving in 2 more. 

• After the game Collins credited Reyes for his fire and passion and hustle. Good to see Terry recognize that our All Star Shortstop is a special talent. Hope Alderson wakes up to this fact.

The Mets flirt with 7 in a row and another sweep Thursday night at 7:05pm.



• Right now the Mets are building some much needed confidence. They can be confident that it is possible: for starters to go deep, the pen to hold leads, and the team to hit and bring runs to the plate. 5 wins in a row has been a welcome change to what was otherwise a horrific start to the season. 

• Tonight we look to make it number 6 against a somewhat beat up Nationals team. We are the hot hand, and the Blob likes our chances. Dickey is due for a solid game, and tonight is a perfect time for it. We face Gorzelanny, an 0 & 2 lefty who sounds more like a nice soft goat cheese that would pair well with an oaky young pinot noir than a tough young pitcher.

• The Blob would like to see the hot line up stay the same. Murphy has been great during the hot streak and is perfect in the 2 hole. We don't want to see him pulled just because of the old, often over thought, lefty vs. lefty thing. Murphy will have more confidence facing a lefty at the plate than Justin "Jeff Spicoli Hair" Turner will batting righty. Dance with who brung you, Terry!

Mets • Nats @ 7:05pm

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


• Josh Thole broke a 3-3 tie with a 2 run Double in the 6th.

• The Mets pound out 12 hits, with 3 of the 12 coming from red hot Ike Davis. Murphy & Pridie both go 2 for 4.

• Bay also goes 2 for 4 and continues to help the team with his bat since his return from the DL.

• Aside from giving up 3 solo HRs, Chris Young's first start back from the DL was okay, until he lost his control about 70 pitches in. The pen did a great job holding down the Nats' bats, allowing only one run after Thole's double gave the Mets the lead.

• K-Rod gets the save-his 5th. Notice the Blob didn't call him WalK-Rod because he didn't walk anyone tonight.

• The best part of tonight was that the day off didn't kill our momentum. The bats stayed hot, the pen was good, we battled, and won our 5th in a row.


Hot Coffey

Look out, hot Coffey coming in!

Weird fan with even weirder friend

Weird looking fan (in the striped shirt) interfered with an Ike Davis double in the 2nd inning. His even weirder looking buddy, Captain Bizzaro, tells him not to worry about it because he can control the game with his mind. All the while Penn Jillete enjoys the game behind them. In the middle of the third, the Mets are up 3-1.


Welcome back Chris Young.
Even though he has already had arm trouble, he's our best pitcher. Let's hope his bicep tendonitis is past him and he's ready to go. Look for a low pitch count no matter how well he's doing to ensure he stays healthy. Here's to the bats staying hot and the pen not sucking...LET'S GO METS!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mets Aim to be More Fan Friendly

The New York Mets announced today that when they return to Citi Field, the fans are in for a treat. Inspired by the wild success of the Washington Nationals' Presidents Race and the Milwaukee Brewers' Sausage Race, the Mets will now have a mascot race to call their own. 
Beginning May 3rd when the Mets open a six game homestand against the World Champion San Francisco Giants, each and every home game will feature a guaranteed laugh-out-loud spectacle for Met fans. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Debtor, Citi Field presents:
Freddy "Fed Pen" Wilpon, Saul "Fat" Katz and Jeff "C-Note Evil" Wilpon

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Mets cap off the holiday weekend with a sweep of the D'Backs.

• J. Niese was strong and David Wright went deep twice.

• Pridie hits first MLB home run with 2 men on.

• Ike remains hot.


Happy Nightcap coming soon!