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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Happy "6 Pack" Nightcap

METS BEAT NATS 6-3 for their 6th win in a row!
Murphy goes 2 for 2 off the bench.
HR, 2B and 3 RBI.
• We saw a team tonight. A gritty, fight-through-adversity, team. After the god awful call on Reyes at third base in the 8th, Terry Collins bolted from the dugout and went ballistic. He backed his player and let his team - and the National League - know that the days of the Mets getting stepped on are over. Murph fed off the emotion and clubbed a game tying HR.

• The Nats quickly took the lead in the bottom of the 8th, 3-2. 

• In the 9th the Mets took control and buried the Nats. Highlighted by a Ching Ling HUge sac fly to tie the game and another rope by Murphy driving in 2 more. 

• After the game Collins credited Reyes for his fire and passion and hustle. Good to see Terry recognize that our All Star Shortstop is a special talent. Hope Alderson wakes up to this fact.

The Mets flirt with 7 in a row and another sweep Thursday night at 7:05pm.

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  1. Mother's Day's coming up. Get ready for the mother of all losing streaks. I've been around these clowns too long to be taken in by this temporary lapse of reality.