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Wednesday, April 27, 2011



• Right now the Mets are building some much needed confidence. They can be confident that it is possible: for starters to go deep, the pen to hold leads, and the team to hit and bring runs to the plate. 5 wins in a row has been a welcome change to what was otherwise a horrific start to the season. 

• Tonight we look to make it number 6 against a somewhat beat up Nationals team. We are the hot hand, and the Blob likes our chances. Dickey is due for a solid game, and tonight is a perfect time for it. We face Gorzelanny, an 0 & 2 lefty who sounds more like a nice soft goat cheese that would pair well with an oaky young pinot noir than a tough young pitcher.

• The Blob would like to see the hot line up stay the same. Murphy has been great during the hot streak and is perfect in the 2 hole. We don't want to see him pulled just because of the old, often over thought, lefty vs. lefty thing. Murphy will have more confidence facing a lefty at the plate than Justin "Jeff Spicoli Hair" Turner will batting righty. Dance with who brung you, Terry!

Mets • Nats @ 7:05pm

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