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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Clockwork Orange and Blue

 The Mets medical staff is trying hard to restore their reputation. After Carlos Beltran woke up with eye problems today, doctors from The Hospital for Especially Wrongheaded Diagnosis sprung into action. "We knew that in order to get a good look at Carlos' eyes, we had to restrain him in a special chair." said Dr. Cereal Boxdegree. " In early 2010, he escaped and had his own doctors operate on his knee. We really can't afford him such freedom at this time. The plan is to remove his eyes and send them to New York for examination. If necessary, we will send the rest of Carlos up on a later flight."

Astros 7 - Mets 3

Astros 7 - Mets 3
Deep thinker R.A. Dickey
• The Astros jumped on R.A. Dickey today, scoring four runs in the first inning. In total, R.A. gave up 6 runs and 11 hits in six innings of work. Dickey has struggled all year and, outside of his beard, does not resemble the pitcher he was last season. Dickey’s season stats are ugly: 1-5 with a 5.08 ERA.

• The Mets were asleep at the switch against J.A. Happ who looked ripe for the taking. The Mets were 2 for 8 with runners in scoring position and looked lifeless.
Outside of Murphy going deep and Reyes’ 2 hits, not much was going on.

• Jason Bay stuck out on a pitch today that was head high. After his blast last night, we were hoping Bay would keep it going today. There are no more excuses for Bay who has been useless since signing with the Mets. Let’s stop hearing that he hustles and is a good guy. We didn’t pay 65 million for Joe McEwing.

• If the Mets take the game tomorrow it will be three series wins in a row.

Astros spider-fan who ran on field-clip

Sunday's start time is 2:05 EST

Friday, May 13, 2011


The Happy Nightcap
Mets 6, Astros 4
• Another game, another 3 home runs. Last night it was the one man Beltran wrecking crew with 3 bombs in Colorado. Tonight in Houston - Bay, Martinez, & Wright combined for 3 round trippers.

• The Mets were down 4-zip until Bay's solo shot put the Mets on the board.

• Gee didn't have command of his pitches tonight but the pen was once again solid.

• In the 8th Martinez crushed a pinch hit 2 run homer to bring the Mets within one run.

•The day off did David good. Later in the 8th Wright hit a 2 out, 2 run laser out of the park to give the Mets the go ahead run.

• An insurance run came in the top of the 9th when Pridie ripped a double driving in Turner. 

• K-Rod closed out the game with a 4 out save, his 12th of the year.

• This was the 3rd road win in a row for the Mets. It's nice seeing our boys go yard and step up big with Ike on the DL.

Saturday's game from Houston is at 4:05pm on WPIX
Dickey vs. Happ

Gee whiz, Dillon's pitching!

8:05 PM ET
2-0, 3.80 ERA
2-2, 3.16 ERA

The Happy Nightcap

Mets 9 – Rockies 5

Big Day for Beltran

• Carlos Beltran hits three HR’s to power the Mets past the Rockies. Beltran sandwiches 2 lefty blasts around a frozen-rope right handed bullet. All three homers were 2 run shots, giving Carlos 6 RBI’s on the day. Beltran hit one to CF, one to LF, and one to RF.

• The Mets take their second series in a row.

• Ike Davis is placed on the 15 day DL before the game. Since the Mets medical staff has proven to be a joke, we cannot trust this report. For all we know, Ike’s career could be in jeopardy. Maybe Ike will take matters into his own hands. CHECK IT OUT:  The Trailer for IKE's new movie

• David Wright sat out today’s game. He needed a day off and we needed a day off from watching him.

• Willie Harris played a good game. Willie Harris played a good game. Willie Harris played a good game.



Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Nightcap Mets win 4-3


• Mike Pelfrey pitches his second good game in a row. The Blob takes all the credit here. The more we target Mike on Metsblob, the better he gets. For those who missed the Blob’s pregame Pelfrey video, make sure to check it out: Pelfrey Pre-game video
• Mike brings his bat as well, driving a double into the right-center gap to plate 2 runs.

• K-Rod looks dominant with a perfect 9th inning.

• David Wright continues to swing the bat like a 5 year-old going at a piñata. If that is not enough to piss us off, David takes out Ike Davis in a collision. Wright is getting the day off tomorrow. In the past, time off has sparked him. We can only hope. Right now, just get him off the field.
Gooooood Nightall!
Niese vs. Jimenez
Get ready for the "we went up a against an ace and that's why we didn't hit" speech.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Mets fall 2-1 to Rockies

BATTING: F - The Mets were 0-7 with runners in scoring position. Only 5 hits total at Coors field blows. Not matter how hard Gary Cohen likes to sell warning track power for Bay and Wright as "almost" or "if the wind was this or that" it's BS. The Blob can go yard at Coors field...set it up and the Blob will prove it. Ike had two of the 5 hits. Ike gets an A+.

FIELDING A - Fielding was really not the issue.

PITCHING A+ - Chris Capuano did a great job. He is a very smart pitcher and is getting hosed with a lack of run support. Chris did give a "quality start." Not one those BS starts by Niese that is a so called "quality" by the Mets publicity machine...if there is such a thing as a Mets publicity machine.

BASE RUNNING Q - Willie Harris tries to steal in the top of the 9th after he finally got a hit. He is thrown out by 10 feet and is out number 2. He went on his own and should be cut Tuesday morning for anyone we have in AAA, AA or coming on the 7 train to Citi Field...anyone!


• Thole needs to sit and be the back up catcher. The idea of Thole playing vs righties and Paulino vs lefties was a good idea, but it's not working. Thole is hitting .230 and is death with men on base. Ronny is a lifetime .250 vs. righties and .341 vs. lefties with a .273 lifetime ave. overall. Play Ronny as the full time catcher until he needs a rest.

• The Blob is happy about moving Ike ahead of Bay but feels Wright still needs to move down. The league is pitching around Beltran and Davis and going after Wright and Bay, because they should. The Mets just won't admit to their lack of production, but the Blob thinks they know it and won't say it, and won't let Terry do anything about it. Reports have now come out on the Mets website about about Wright having back issues for over 3 weeks. Even more reason to move him down until he's 100%. But the Blob thinks this is a smoke screen.
For an organization that claims to be all about diversity when you enter the Jackie Robinson rotunda at Citi Field they sure seem to be protecting their white players for their lack of performance. Read this story about Wright's back issues from NY and see how they claim they are not making excuses for Wright, while they do exactly that. Notice what they call "steady production" a .250/.230 average. FOR A 3 BATTER!? WHAT F-ING BASEBALL PLANET ARE YOU FROM???

DENVER -- Most Mets find it difficult to keep their injuries hidden from the public. David Wright managed to do it for nearly a month.

Wright has been playing through back pain for three full weeks, the third baseman admitted Tuesday, following an April 19 diving tag play at third base.
"I just felt some discomfort in my back," Wright said, downplaying the injury. "There's a difference between being banged up and being hurt." Wright has been receiving regular treatment for his back ever since lunging to tag Astros outfielder Carlos Lee in the third inning of an April 19 game at Citi Field. He has not missed a game since, with his production remaining relatively steady -- Wright hit .250 with two home runs prior to the play at third base and has hit .230 with three home runs since, with comparable on-base and slugging percentages.
But Collins believes the back issue has prevented Wright from replicating his career norms at this point in the season.
"I do believe it has something to do with it, yes," Collins said. "But David Wright will never make it as an excuse. He never has. He even hasn't to me when I've asked him about it. It's not an issue to him, but I happen to think there's got to be something, because this guy's just too good a hitter to run through the streak he's going through."

• Sadly our best pitcher Chris Young is done for the year. But, anyone with a brain knew that was coming.

METS vs ROCKIES pre-game

This video should get you pumped up for tonight's game!


With an 8:40pm start are going to need a little pick me up to get through tonight's game against the Rockies. Maybe Doc, Straw & Keith still have some party favors so you can really kick your week off with a bang. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wright is Wrong for the 3 Hole

Dodgers 4 - Mets 2

How Sweep It's Not

RA Dickey is not the same pitcher he was last season. He gave up 4 runs, 10 hits and 2 walks. 

Jason Bay can't be this bad, can he? So far Bay has been an all-time Mets bust.

The Mets could have swept this series but had no killer instinct. The team was way too pleased with taking 2 out of 3. Cue the excuses: Terry Collins, Bay and David Wright gave all the credit to Dodger's pitching. Nonsense. Good teams go for the throat.

During the game Ralph Kiner told it like it is. After Bay feebly swung over a fat fastball Kiner said: "If you can't hit that pitch out of the park, you're in trouble." Thanks Ralph. A little reality is refreshing. 
David Wright is killing the Mets in the number 3 slot in the lineup. Wright is batting .246 with 35 strikeouts in 33 games. If a pitcher puts the ball on the outside third of the plate, Wright has no chance. A number 3 hitter has to make contact on a consistent basis. Wright's all or nothing approach is more suited for the 5 or 6 spot in the order. Beltran has to move into the 3 hole, Ike needs to move up to number 4 and David can try to get himself together in the 5 spot. If Wright stops the Home Run Derby - strikeout king - swing he can earn back the 3 spot in the order. Right now, the face of the franchise is looking pretty ugly.