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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wright is Wrong for the 3 Hole

Dodgers 4 - Mets 2

How Sweep It's Not

RA Dickey is not the same pitcher he was last season. He gave up 4 runs, 10 hits and 2 walks. 

Jason Bay can't be this bad, can he? So far Bay has been an all-time Mets bust.

The Mets could have swept this series but had no killer instinct. The team was way too pleased with taking 2 out of 3. Cue the excuses: Terry Collins, Bay and David Wright gave all the credit to Dodger's pitching. Nonsense. Good teams go for the throat.

During the game Ralph Kiner told it like it is. After Bay feebly swung over a fat fastball Kiner said: "If you can't hit that pitch out of the park, you're in trouble." Thanks Ralph. A little reality is refreshing. 
David Wright is killing the Mets in the number 3 slot in the lineup. Wright is batting .246 with 35 strikeouts in 33 games. If a pitcher puts the ball on the outside third of the plate, Wright has no chance. A number 3 hitter has to make contact on a consistent basis. Wright's all or nothing approach is more suited for the 5 or 6 spot in the order. Beltran has to move into the 3 hole, Ike needs to move up to number 4 and David can try to get himself together in the 5 spot. If Wright stops the Home Run Derby - strikeout king - swing he can earn back the 3 spot in the order. Right now, the face of the franchise is looking pretty ugly.


  1. Amen! You should manage the team!

  2. Thanks. I'll wait by the phone for Sandy's call.