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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mets fall 2-1 to Rockies

BATTING: F - The Mets were 0-7 with runners in scoring position. Only 5 hits total at Coors field blows. Not matter how hard Gary Cohen likes to sell warning track power for Bay and Wright as "almost" or "if the wind was this or that" it's BS. The Blob can go yard at Coors field...set it up and the Blob will prove it. Ike had two of the 5 hits. Ike gets an A+.

FIELDING A - Fielding was really not the issue.

PITCHING A+ - Chris Capuano did a great job. He is a very smart pitcher and is getting hosed with a lack of run support. Chris did give a "quality start." Not one those BS starts by Niese that is a so called "quality" by the Mets publicity machine...if there is such a thing as a Mets publicity machine.

BASE RUNNING Q - Willie Harris tries to steal in the top of the 9th after he finally got a hit. He is thrown out by 10 feet and is out number 2. He went on his own and should be cut Tuesday morning for anyone we have in AAA, AA or coming on the 7 train to Citi Field...anyone!


• Thole needs to sit and be the back up catcher. The idea of Thole playing vs righties and Paulino vs lefties was a good idea, but it's not working. Thole is hitting .230 and is death with men on base. Ronny is a lifetime .250 vs. righties and .341 vs. lefties with a .273 lifetime ave. overall. Play Ronny as the full time catcher until he needs a rest.

• The Blob is happy about moving Ike ahead of Bay but feels Wright still needs to move down. The league is pitching around Beltran and Davis and going after Wright and Bay, because they should. The Mets just won't admit to their lack of production, but the Blob thinks they know it and won't say it, and won't let Terry do anything about it. Reports have now come out on the Mets website about about Wright having back issues for over 3 weeks. Even more reason to move him down until he's 100%. But the Blob thinks this is a smoke screen.
For an organization that claims to be all about diversity when you enter the Jackie Robinson rotunda at Citi Field they sure seem to be protecting their white players for their lack of performance. Read this story about Wright's back issues from NY and see how they claim they are not making excuses for Wright, while they do exactly that. Notice what they call "steady production" a .250/.230 average. FOR A 3 BATTER!? WHAT F-ING BASEBALL PLANET ARE YOU FROM???

DENVER -- Most Mets find it difficult to keep their injuries hidden from the public. David Wright managed to do it for nearly a month.

Wright has been playing through back pain for three full weeks, the third baseman admitted Tuesday, following an April 19 diving tag play at third base.
"I just felt some discomfort in my back," Wright said, downplaying the injury. "There's a difference between being banged up and being hurt." Wright has been receiving regular treatment for his back ever since lunging to tag Astros outfielder Carlos Lee in the third inning of an April 19 game at Citi Field. He has not missed a game since, with his production remaining relatively steady -- Wright hit .250 with two home runs prior to the play at third base and has hit .230 with three home runs since, with comparable on-base and slugging percentages.
But Collins believes the back issue has prevented Wright from replicating his career norms at this point in the season.
"I do believe it has something to do with it, yes," Collins said. "But David Wright will never make it as an excuse. He never has. He even hasn't to me when I've asked him about it. It's not an issue to him, but I happen to think there's got to be something, because this guy's just too good a hitter to run through the streak he's going through."

• Sadly our best pitcher Chris Young is done for the year. But, anyone with a brain knew that was coming.

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