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Saturday, August 27, 2011

•Command and Capuano•

The Happy Capuano Cap
When doubts seeped in about Chris Capuano's ability to go deep into a game, he turned around and threw an absolute gem. Capuano's complete game shutout of the red hot Atlanta Braves was nothing short of masterful. Anyone who saw a  2 hit, 13 K, no-walk frame would have assumed those numbers would be Atlanta's Tim Hudson. In SNY's pre-game, Bobby Ojeda agreed that the Mets should retain Capuano's services for 2012. However, Ojeda did not believe he should be a starter and should switch to middle relief, stating his inability to get through the opposition's lineup a 3rd time. As of late Bobby O. was not wrong, but tonight Capuano made him look sillier than the Tribble resting on his head.
Mets Blob has loved Capuano as a professional competitor all season long. Early in the season, he was robbed of many great starts that should have translated in to wins. There is something very different about a game when Capuano comes apart mid-game and when Mike Pelfrey does. Simply, when Chris falls apart we know he does not have the stuff that day, and that happens to the best of them. When Big Mike falls apart, it's because he's a full-on head case and a quitter, and it sickens Met fans.
Chris Capuano is a hard worker and a true competitor. The Blob does not in any way believe this is something we can expect from Chris every night. But, the Blob does feel that Capuano will learn from the success of this game and use that knowledge to move forward and improve his game.
On the offensive side, Angel Pagan, Ruben Tejada, and Lucas Duda all had big nights. Timely hits by Nick Evans and Justin Turner helped add to the Mets tally.
In a Mets season that has been filled with all the makings of a tropical depression, it was sure great to see the Mets on the eve of Hurricane Irene deliver the perfect storm of gail force pitching and offensive swells.

A Blobbish Irene blessing:
May the tides never rise to meet you,
May the wind be always out to sea,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft and not too much,
And until we meet again,
May God hold you
In the palm of his hand.
And may you be in heaven before Fred Wilpon knows your dead."
In honor of Chris's great game please enjoy these Chris Capuano Mets Blob videos.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

• Irene and Bloomberg Shut Down Mets and Braves•

Unless weather interferes...tonight's game vs. Atalanta will go as planned. However, reports from
 say Mayor Bloomberg has already cancelled the Mets and Braves match ups at Citi Field for Saturday and Sunday. MTA has announced a system closer beginning at 12 noon Saturday.
Is it even ironic that a hurricane is the only thing that can stop the un-natural disaster that is the Mets? Or should Met fans look at this as a divine act of God? Either way, please take care of the things that really matter this weekend, and we can all go back to hating the Wilpons when Irene (hopefully) blows over.
The Blob wishes all of the East Coast & fellow Blobbers the best of luck in the wake of Hurricane Irene. Please take whatever precautions are necessary to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. Irene looks to have the makings of true disaster, and the Blob believes it's better to play it safe than sorry.
Mets Blob Loves You

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

•The Stopper Stops the Skid•

Mets 7 - Phillies 4 
The Return of the Happy Nightcap! 
The Ace, the Stopper, Mike "The Stud" Pelfrey halted the Metropolitans horrific decent into 2011 baseball oblivion today. When Mike Pelfrey was named the number one starter for NY this season in absence of Johan Santana, this was the type of commanding performance the Mets envisioned. When the Mets' luck had run out and the chips were down, the front office knew "Big Pelf" would be the stabilizing force that would set the Mets right again. Who else could throw 125 pitches in 6 innings? Who else could make a four run lead turn into a one run lead in just an inning? Who else could Terry Collins view completing 6 innings of work as a huge accomplishment? None other than Mike Pelfrey.
BIG FREAKIN' PELFY DEAL! Mets Blob is thrilled we won a game! Really. But giving that mental train wreck Pelfrey a pat on the back for a job well done is almost as nuts as making him the closer next year! By the way, the Blob has loved what Terry Collins has done with this team, but he should have a net thrown over his head for thinking Mike Pelfrey could be a closer. 
The front office needs to kick themselves in the junk for worrying about who will eat up 200 innings next year if Big Mike is not on the staff or a starter. Mike Pelfrey is a way more proficient towel, jersey, and hand eater than he is an innings eater. Met fans know watching Mike eat innings eats at our very souls. If Pelfrey is resigned for 2012, the front office will be robbing us fans of valuable hours of our lives that we will never get back. 
The big hero today was not Big Pelf but Nick Evans. In his first at bat Tuesday night, Nick left the bat on his shoulder and watched strike 3 go by with the bases loaded. Since then, he has learned from his mistake and has been mashing the ball. Way to play ball, Nick! Evans went 3-4 with a 3 run blast, a double and a single, with 4 RBI total on the day. 

The Blob sure hopes Pelfrey took Evans out for a steak dinner when the Mets got back to NY Wednesday night. Wait. The Blob just realized the thought of those two at dinner trying to make small talk could be purgatory on earth. Still, great job Nick! David Wright also hit a solo bomb and drove in 2 on the day, so maybe Pelf should buy David a steak, too. We know Wright could spice up the dinner banter with that cool locker-side whisper he uses when he talks to the press about crooked numbers.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

•Another Brotherly Blowout in Philly•

 Phillies 9 - Mets 4
There were times in the film True Romance when the bad guys had Clarence Worley dead to rights, but they never put him away. Early in tonight's game, the Mets had Vance Worley on the ropes, and like the film, the Mets failed to take him down. The Mets literally watched scoring opportunities slip away in the first and second innings. Nick Evans took a look at strike 3 with the bases loaded and 2 down in the 1st. In the 2nd inning with men on 2nd and 3rd and no outs, Jon Niese, Angel Pagan, and Ruben Tejada all looked at strike 3. Worley survived the gun fight in Philly, and the rest of the game he and Alabama were cruising to a beach in Mexico and a win for the Phillies. 
Ryan Howard had the night off, but Philadelphia's power did not. Both Shane Victorino and John Mayberry Jr. killed homers off Niese in the 4th. After the game, Niese was placed on the DL due to a rib strain he suffered batting in San Diego. According to Niese, his rib was feeling fine until just before he got crushed in Philly and put on the hook for 8 of Philadelphia's 9 runs. Funny how the Mets' pitching staff always has a reason for sucking other that just admitting to sucking. This lack of pitching culpability was taught to the staff by the master pitching-buck-passer, Mike Pelfrey. Scott Hairston was also placed on the DL due to a rib strain. Is the mysterious and once en vogue "oblique strain" injury finally going back to being a "rib strain?" How exciting this will be for the new fall fashions. 
Now Blobbers sit back and enjoy:
 Giving it up like a bitch for Brian Schneider!
With the sacks full, he showed no sack watching strike 3!
Getting eaten up by a fly ball and giving Victorino a triple!

The only offensive bright spots tonight for New York were Lucas Duda hitting a 2 run homer, Nick Evans going 2-4 with a triple and a double, and Justin Turner going 2-4 with 2 doubles.
Jason "Tie a Rock Around My Neck and Throw Me in the" Bay went 0-2 with a walk, and is now 2 for his last 34. The Mets should put Jason on a sub roll, slather him in fried onions and melted cheese, and leave him in the African Lion's habitat at the Philadelphia Zoo. Mets Blob would call this hostile act "Eating Bay's Contract."

Mets Blob is getting sick of the Mets acting like they don't belong on the field with the Phillies. They need to show some freakin' pride. Right now, the Mets look at the Phillies' bench like a bunch of dentists awkwardly staring at Felix Millan during lunch at Mets fantasy camp. The even keeled Lucas Duda is the only Met who seems to be unaffected by the superior opposition. Then again, Mets Blob has no idea what affects Lucas Duda. Maybe that makes Lucas the perfect Met.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

•Phillies 10 - Mets Zip•

David Wright admitted after the tonight's pounding by Philadelphia that the NY Mets are in a rut. Mets Blob, however, does not think the Mets are in a rut. The Blob more realistically describes the Mets as pinned by a giant bolder in the "127 Hours" crevasse, forced to drink their urine, and in need of a very tight tourniquet to stop the bleeding before they must saw off their arms with a flimsy pocket knife just to stay alive.

Tonight's game was a horror film that we have never seen before. Not because of the carnage, but because of the way the Mets were put down. Normally, the slow moving, mentally challenged, creepy horror film monster is never quite knocked out. They hit him with a bat and run, and he's around the next corner. Watching the slasher flick, you yell, "Hit him again, again, again! He's not dead yet-don't run! Kill him! Kill him! Make sure he's dead!"
The Mets were in no way a monster threat to the Phillies tonight, but Cliff Lee made sure they were dead, done, and gone. Lee was like a semi mowing down a three legged stray dog on the BQE. But he didn't just hit the hobbling pooch with the fury of all 18 wheels once...he backed up and ran the sick pup over and over, and over again until the former Beast from the East was 2011 roadkill.
Keith Hernandez should be the new head of the Mets' medical staff. We know Keith has the World Series rings, the MVP award, the batting title, the Gold Gloves, the silver slugger awards, the Seinfeld episode, and the most bodacious bro-stash this side of the Mississippi. But he should be made head of the Mets' medical staff for one simple statement he made tonight in reference to Jose Reyes' return from his second go round with his hamstring injury. Keith said, "Whenever they think Jose is ready to start playing, wait one more week." Genius, Keith! Genius!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

•Mets Get Swept by Brewers•

Brewers 6 - Mets 2
The Flushing free fall continues as the Brewers completed the 3 game sweep of the Mets today at Citi Field. There is little light in these late summer days for fans of the Metropolitans. The only positive we can take away from this hellacious skid is the further development of some of our young players who could quite possibly be regular starters in 2012. Ruben Tejada played some nice D, and Lucas Duda hit a hanging curveball for a 2 run bomb in the 7th to tie the game. 

Unfortunately, this would be the only run support for R.A. Dickey who pitched a good game but was once again offensively deprived. Duda is clearly finding his confidence and his power stroke as he continues to contribute in clutch situations. If Ike Davis can return healthy next year, Duda and Davis, along with David Wright, could add a much needed power punch to our long ball-starved lineup. Jason Bay will still suck, so Mets Blob won't even toy with your emotions and claim he will ever return to being a 30 HR guy.

Brace yourself for more bleeding as the Mets head to Philly and face the best team in baseball. It's hard to imagine, but the Phillies have gotten even stronger since the last time the Mets faced them. These could be some very ugly days ahead, but you never know, we seem to play better anywhere that is not Citi Field.