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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yankees 5 – Mets 2

The Yankees beat the Mets 5-2 today at Citi Field in a game where the final score was insignificant. The only thing that matters is the condition of Jose Reyes, who was forced to leave the game in the 3rd inning with tightness in his left hamstring. The dreaded MRI is scheduled for tomorrow. Considering the Mets bumbling medical staff and Reyes’ history of hamstring problems, Mets fans have no choice but to fear the worst. Mets doctors from The Hospital for Special Surgery are the laughingstock of professional sports. These clowns have misdiagnosed and mistreated so many injuries that the odds of Reyes seeing the field again this season are slim. Even if there is no damage to the hamstring; Mets doctors will find a way to make the situation worse.

Mets Blob is at a loss for words. This is a shame. Jose Reyes has been the best player in baseball this season. He is putting up numbers not seen since Ty Cobb. Can this historic season really come crashing down on July 2nd? It does not seem fair. However, it does seem Met-like.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Yankees 5 – Mets 1

Not Good
Jonathan Niese gave up 3 first inning runs tonight and the Mets never recovered, falling to the Yankees 5-1 at Citi Field.
Ivan Nova seemed ripe for the taking but the Mets never got the big hit. The Mets 3-4-5 hitters went 1 for 10 and left 12 men on base.

Ivan Nova, who plays in the AL, had no problem getting a bunt down. Jon Niese, who plays in the NL, could not get a bunt down. Mets pitchers have failed miserably with the bat all season. National League pitchers MUST be able to bunt. No excuses.

Jose Reyes led off the 7th with a single and made a nice play tagging up and advancing to second on a Justin Turner fly ball to center. When the ball rolled away from a lackadaisical Eduardo Nunez, Reyes bolted for third but was thrown out - though it appeared on replay that A-Rod missed the tag. Terry Collins got tossed arguing the call and backed his star after the game refusing to question Jose’s decision to try to take third. Mets Blob thought Reyes was overaggressive in this case because Carlos Beltran was due up and would have batted with one out with a man on second in a 3-1 game. Beltran is the Mets best RBI man and only power threat. Mets Blob would have loved to see him hack with a chance to tie the game.

Mets Blob did not like to see so many Yankee fans at Citi Field but the crowd sounded alive with a buzz in the park all game.

Mets Blob loves Keith Hernandez but commenting on A-Rods incredible strength without mentioning the words cheater and steroids is a joke. Keith you are better than that. Wake up.

Saturday's game is on Fox. Fox sucks.

Look Blobbers! A Yankee Fun Page!


Great news Mets fans! Pelfrey can't pitch this weekend!
In honor of the Yanks coming to Citi, Mets Blob presents...

One of these famous Yankees does not belong.
Who is it?
ANSWER: Babe Ruth - Ruth never cheated on baseball, only his wife.

Which one is filled with more hot air...
WFAN's Mike Francesa or the Hindenburg?
ANSWER: Mike Francesa, the Hindenburg blew up years ago.

A. His calf.
B. His 3000th hit.
C. His Ford Edge, with it's cool panoramic vista roof.
D. How hot his fiancee Minka Kelly is.
E. His disgust with fair weather Yankee fans who want to dig a hole and throw him in it just because he had a slow start. Seriously, you are all spoiled bitches. I'm Derek Jeter and you should all blow me.

ANSWER: All of the above. He's Derek Jeter and he has a lot going on.

GAME 1 TONIGHT 7:10 @ Citi Field

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tigers 5 – Mets 2

The Mets completed a great road trip today, falling to the Tigers 5 – 2. While taking 4 of 6 from the mighty Rangers and Tigers was a tremendous accomplishment, today’s loss did not sit well with Mets Blob. The Mets had great at bats against Justin Verlander, stroking 10 hits, making the Detroit flamethrower work hard for the victory. Unfortunately, Mike Pelfrey had no interest in competing; looking dazed and confused over 4.2 brutal innings. Pelfrey threw 109 pitches, giving up 5 runs on 8 hits and 5 walks. The New York Mets have been playing inspired baseball and the team deserves better than Mike Pelfrey.

Every Mets starting pitcher - except the coddled “Big Pelf” - behaves like a professional on the mound. Dillon Gee, Jonathan Niese, R.A. Dickey and Chris Capuano may not win every game but they are all tough competitors who understand that Major League Baseball is no place for the timid. Mets Blob is tired of Mike Pelfrey’s antics.
However, Mets Blob knows top notch comedy when we see it – and Pelf’s Huntz Hall, tilted cap, routine is comic genius. Remember Mike; always leave ‘em laughing.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The Math of the Mets Is Overwhelming

The I'm Stupidly Happy, Nightcap

Mets Blob is beside his blobby self. The Blob feared this 6 game road trip, only to come home to face the Yanks. The Rangers and Tigers are first place AL power house teams with legit big bats. How can the, albeit scrappy, Mets take on these MLB big guns? If you asked Terry "The Brain" Collins he would have put me at ease by saying: "No worries Blob. We'll just score 52 runs in 4 games and set a team record." But we'd say: "But Terry, what if a team like the Tigers goes deep 5 times in a game? How do the Mets deal with that?" Terry simply says: "No problem Blob, my boys will turn on the hits like a rec softball team. I'm from Michigan, and my 92 year old father is going be at the game tonight and my boys won't let me down."

The Resiliency of the Mets tonight was the most impressive thing. In a game that had so much go on, not even the great Mets Blob can rein it in. Every time the Tigers breathed any life, the Mets never stopped playing ball and driving in runs. To the Blob, a Met fan more battered than a wife in a Lifetime movie from the mid 90's, we kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. For the good fortune to bite us in the ass. For these real AL teams to come back and crush our dreams of making a run at the wild card, keeping our team intact and getting the spirit of 69, 73, and 2000 back. But these Terry Collins Mets clamped their teeth down like a Rottweiler and never let go.

Tonight, Mets Blob could write a love letter to every Met who played. They all played a part in the win. The Tigers were finally brought to their knees, when they put a position player in the mound. But it's all just too much for the Blob to cover. The Blob wants to sit back and enjoy a yummy nightcap. The Blob prefers to leave the hard stuff to the NY Times. Check out the link below for the full recap.

Thursday we face the best pitcher in the AL. Who cares! We already won this series and this road trip. We love what this can do for our boys confidence. So let's head home and beat up on the Yanks at Citi. Why not? It's about time.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Happy Nightcap

The Happy Nightcap

The Mets thought they were playing a big, bad-ass American League bully tonight so they made sure to bring their big sticks. The Tigers didn’t know what hit them.
Led by Jose Reyes’ second consecutive 4 hit game and 15th Triple, the Mets buried the Tigers 14 – 3 in an 18 hit attack. Jason Bay and Carlos Beltran both blasted Grand Slams ending the Mets two year salami free diet. Mets Blob sat back and gorged on the run feast, enjoying the rare Mets rout to the fullest. The Blob felt good for Jason Bay. We have ripped him here because he has been a disaster but Mets Blob would love to see Jason regain his All Star form. If David Wright and Ike Davis come back, there is no reason this team can’t make a run at the Wild Card. With one more win in this series, the Mets can proudly pile in a big, bad-ass American made muscle car and head east – leaving the .500 mark in the rear view mirror. With lead foot Terry Collins behind the wheel, they should get to Flushing in no time.

We are Mets Blob. And we are never neutral.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Josh Hamilton The Blue Eyed Devil

The Prince of Darkness
Josh Hamilton says his blue eyes are to blame for his awful stats in day games. Before going 0-4 with 4K's Saturday and sitting out Sunday's game, Hamilton was hitting .122 in day games and .374 under the lights. In an exclusive interview with Mets Blob, Josh explained that he has always had keener vision at night: “I’m not kidding Blob, I could be driving like 110 in the pitch dark and spot a crack whore rolling off a park bench. It was super-vision man. I once tattooed the Budweiser logo on a fat chick’s ass in total darkness - free hand - with a butane torch and a toenail clipper. It came out perfect, dude. Of course, this was years ago - before I liked Jesus so much. But, sometimes I slip up and I find myself searching for Jesus in a sweet pair of c-cups covered in blow."
"Lord hear my prayer. Uno mas Tequila por favor!"

Deja .500

Reyes Rips Rangers in the Series Finale
The Happy Nightcap
Mets 8 - Rangers 5

Jose Reyes went 4-5 to help lead the Mets back to the .500 mark and take the 3 game series from last year's American League champions. Reyes' last hit, a triple, was his 14th of the year.

Dillon Gee earned his 8th win on a day when he didn't have his best stuff. The Rangers hit the ball hard all day, but Gee's Lone Star homecoming was defended by hot cowhide on the part of Reyes, Tejada, Pagan, & Murphy.

Mets Blob thought today's game was an odd ball Texas twister of bad hops, questionable calls, Ron Washington getting ejected, great NY defense, and clutch hitting, all wrapped up with a very shaky K-Rod close.
Mets Blob wonders...How do you toss a guy with a baseball card this awesome?

The Mets have Monday off and then try to crack the .500 hump in Detroit on Tuesday vs. the Tigers.

P.S. Bay went 0-5 and still sucks.