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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pelfrey was great!

Yes, Mets Blob says Pelfrey was great tonight.
But...the Mets still lost. If you have not figured it out yet fans, it's not our year. 

full recap on the game

Friday, May 27, 2011

Philly 6 - Mets 4

“We call that one second base, Daniel. Remember, these are the same bases you run to when you hit. I know they look different from this perspective, but trust me…same exact bases."
The Mets fought back from a 2 run deficit tonight to take a 3 to 2 lead in the 7th inning, but the bullpen could not hold the lead. Izzy gave up the tying run in the 8th and K-Rod yielded 3 runs in the 9th, as the Mets fell 6-3.

Mets Blob cannot rip Isringhausen or Rodriguez. Both men have been outstanding this season and bad outings happen. However, Mets Blob has no problems ripping the shaky Mets defense we saw tonight. Daniel Murphy can’t play the field. Don’t be fooled by the occasional highlight reel play – Daniel Murphy has no clue how to play any position on the field. The announcers try to cover for him by saying it is a lack of experience at certain positions. It is not. When Jason Bay made a bad throw to second base early in the game, Murph’s only job on the play was to back up the throw from the leftfielder. Danny Boy was nowhere to be found and the runner advanced to third base. Again, this is not complicated. This is the first baseman’s job on throws from left field to second base at every level of baseball. So we have to stop with the lack of experience nonsense. Later, Murphy misplayed a grounder that allowed the tying run to score.

Justin Turner Overdrive had his first career 4 hit game. Jose Reyes had 2 more hits to raise his season total to 70. Jose now has 24 multiple hit games to lead Major League Baseball.

Chris Capuano pitched a nice game.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mets 3 - Cubs 9

The Mets welcomed their new minority owner, David Einhorn in true Mets fashion by getting their asses kicked by the Cubs and losing another starting pitcher to injury. R.A. Dickey sustained a heel injury lightly jogging to cover first base and fell to the ground. Mets Blob could almost hear Keith Hernandez throwing up in his mouth a little when he realized the Mets had just lost another player.
David Einhorn: The Mets new minority owner
Einhorn's investment of $200 million supposedly gives him no control or say over team operations. Einhorn's personal empire has come from the world of hedge funds, and he is also an accomplished poker player. Something tells Mets Blob this is more than a vanity buy in for Einhorn.
A young Einhorn dressed as Dave Kingman
Originally a Met fan from New Jersey, his family moved to Milwaukee when he was a kid where they became neighbors with Bud Selig. Yes, that Bud Selig. The same Bud Selig who recently hand picked Sandy Alderson as our general manager. Mets Blob has a sneaky feeling that Einhorn is slow playing the Wilpons. When the time is right and the Wilpon rats are fleeing the sinking ship near Flushing Bay, Einhorn will go all in with his chips and take over the team with the blessing of Uncle Bud.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mets 7 – Cubs 4

The Happy "Act of God" Nightcap

The Mets topped the Cubs tonight in a rain shortened game at Wrigley Field. Dillon Gee got off to a very shaky start, giving up 4 runs in the first inning but settled down to go six innings for the win. The Mets hammered Cub starter Casey Coleman. Beltran led the way driving in two runs with a double. He would have driven in 3 runs on the hit, but Josh Thole took a header rounding third and had to scramble back to the bag.
Beltran gapped a triple later in the game. Jason Pride, Ruben Tejada and Jose Reyes joined Beltran in the 2 hit parade. Cubs reliever Justin Berg entered the game and walked three batters on 12 straight pitches out of the strike zone, forcing in 2 runs.
Mets Blob quoted Fred Wilpon about tonight's game saying, "Both teams are snake bitten and suck. God intervened with the rain because he had seen enough of these mediocre, over-paid boobs. Now I'm going to put on my PJs, fix myself a hot toddy, and watch Duke Snider highlights."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cubs 11 – Mets 1

The Face of the Franchise

On a frigid night in Chicago, the Mets curled into a ball and napped for 9 innings, getting trounced by the Cubs 11 to 1. Fred Wilpon, in an exclusive interview with Mets Blob said he was not upset by the loss. “I told you we sucked, Blob” stated the elder Wilpon. “You did not want to hear it.”

The Cubs scored 5 runs in the second inning off Jon Niese but only 4 of the runs were earned. Ruben Tejada dropped a popup, which should have been charged an error, and it was downhill from then on. The Mets could have gotten out of the inning with minimal damage but Ronny Paulino dropped a throw to the plate from Daniel Murphy. Later in the game, Paulino threw a pickoff throw down the right field line for his second error. If you want more of the horrid details check out the Mets site:
Baywatch: The Daily Doings of the Giant Bust
Jason Bay stated before the game that he guessed the team could use Fred Wilpon’s comments for motivation but he did not think it was necessary. Bay said he thinks Major Leaguers should be able to motivate themselves. Following his comments Bay fell asleep, in the standing position, in front of his locker. The Canadian air brought Jason back to semi-consciousness for a while, giving him enough time to take three useless at bats. Bay later left the game with a right calf injury. Stay tuned.

Blobbers Please Help

Mets Blob urges Blobbers to help stop animal abuse.
Forcing this dog to wear a Wright jersey is just wrong.

Normally Mets Blob is full of jokes about the NY Mets, the players, and the Wilpons. And though the photo above may at a quick glance seem like a set up for a big joke, it's not. In reality, it's a terrible form of animal abuse that hopefully all of us can help bring to an end.

Her name is Coffee. Many of us have seen her outside of Citi Field and Yankee Stadium in cute getups.  She is almost  always found in a fixed seated position with a pipe in her mouth and a plastic panhandling jug. We have even seen her in the opening of a Met game telecast on SNY. We've heard Gary Cohen chuckle and say, "How do they get that dog to do that?" Gary is a good man with a big heart, and if he knew the truth about Coffee and how her heartless dirtbag owner gets her to do that, he wouldn't be laughing

At first glance, a dog hanging out on a nice day and dressed in a team jersey doesn't appear to be that bad. People think it's funny, and kids find it cute. Maybe nobody thinks twice about it, and throws a dollar in the plastic jug. But Coffee's book reads darker than the cover. What most are not seeing is the shock collar hidden under Coffee's bandana. If she moves off her set spot, she gets a quick zap from a remote control, and she quickly goes back to holding her place without food, water, or rest for hours on end.

In this photo, you can see that Coffee is able to hold the pipe in her mouth because her teeth have been removed. The device seen in the dirtbag owner's left hand is the remote to the shock collar.

From "The Sky Mall catalog for the Sick and Twisted," the evil, yet basic set up for the shock collar.

We all wish for Coffee to be free from her abusive owner and live out the rest of her life with love and kindness without having to get electrically shocked ever again to earn a buck for an inhumane, soulless scumbag.

Please sign the online petition and join the Facebook movement to help free Coffee from her suffering. 

Mets Blob (and Coffee) thank you for the help.

* The NY Mets, NY Yankees, and Major League Baseball are not connected to the abuse Coffee.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Fred Wilpon Interview

"Jose, I have no money for you. But if you keep you're elbow there, maybe we can talk."
Leave it to Freddy "Fed Pen" Wilpon to kick his own team in the nuts. Mets Blob & fans across the tri-state area wonder where is the line between a no nonsense owner and a knuckle head? Fred Wilpon explores it in this New Yorker interview entitled Madoff's Curveball.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yankees 9 – Mets 3

Meltdown Mike Pelfrey fell apart in the 7th inning today and everyone saw it coming except Terry Collins. After Gardner snuck a single through Pelf’s legs to start the inning, Pelfrey huffed and puffed like a petulant child on the mound. He was done. At this point Collins should have bolted from the bench and dragged Mike by the ear to the dugout. Collins never moved. Pelfrey, as expected, walked Chris Dickerson. Here comes Terry, right? Wrong. Collins remained frozen in the dugout. Pelfrey proceeds to almost kill Francisco Cervelli, who was trying to sacrifice, by throwing a pitch at his face.

Mets Blob is all for drilling the obnoxious, Bush League, Italian import but this was hardly the time. Terry Collins must have sprinted to the mound at this point, right? No, Terry wanted more proof that Mike Pelfrey wanted out of this game. Pelfrey obliged with a room service, first pitch, fastball to Derek Jeter. Jeter, of course, has made a career of jumping on fat, first pitch, fastballs from mentally frail pitchers. Mike Pelfrey has made a career of melting down in big spots. Derek Jeter is headed to the Hall of Fame. Mike Pelfrey is headed to the Brewers to pitch middle relief.

Missed Opportunities

Ivan Nova did not have his best stuff today and the Mets failed to take advantage. The bases were packed with Mets all game but the Amazins’ only plated three runs. Jason Bay hit two, Felix Millan, ground ball singles. Sorry Jason, your act is wearing thin - Ivan Nova is not Roy Halladay. Mets Blob hopes you are not happy with your “please let me make contact and not get embarrassed” swings.

California Here We Come

  The Mets announced after the game that David Wright is headed to California to get a legitimate second opinion on his injured back. Good move David. Mets Blob recommends getting as far away from The Hospital for Especially Wrongheaded Diagnosis as possible.



This morning at Yankee Stadium, Terry Collins spoke with reporters, and said he expects Angel Pagan to return sometime this week. Yesterday, Collins said Pagan would head to Buffalo to finish his rehabilitation assignment, but said today he has to go to Puerto Rico to attend to a family situation instead. 
When Mets Blob needs to rehab it usually involves Dr. Drew not a trip to Puerto Rico. Often the rehab is set off by a trip to Puerto Rico. Mets Blob hopes Angel and his family are well.

In addition, Collins basically said the following:

• Ronny Paulino will get more playing time, as Josh Thole needs to work on some things.

Basically...Josh needs to work on learning how catch a baseball and learning how to hit a baseball. Thole right now looks overmatched by playing baseball in the show.

• Ike Davis still hasn’t started running, so it’s unclear whether he will be able to return from the disabled list when he is eligible on May 26. Nothing funny about this just sad as we enter a another game with Bay batting in the 4 hole. Ike! Please come back! IKE!

Here is today's lineup complete with more dead zones than your cell phone coverage!

1. Jose Reyes – SS

Daniel Murphy – 1B

Carlos Beltran – DH

Jason Bay – LF • DEAD ZONE

Fernando Martinez – RF

Justin Turner – 2B

Willie Harris – 3B 

Ronny Paulino – C

Jason Pridie – CF

Jason Bay, speaking to reporters after last night’s game

“I actually know what I need to do – It’s just a matter of doing

 it…I just have to get back to what I did my whole life, what

got me here…There are two or three things that have to

happen [with my swing], but regardless of what I do or how I

stand, somewhere between changing it all and struggling 

last year, I forgot about that.”

Really Jay Bay? That's great. Take your time and your 65 mil.

and shove it up the 5 things I can tell are wrong with you and

your swing from my living room. A hard worker...would 

have worked this out by now.