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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mets 3 - Cubs 9

The Mets welcomed their new minority owner, David Einhorn in true Mets fashion by getting their asses kicked by the Cubs and losing another starting pitcher to injury. R.A. Dickey sustained a heel injury lightly jogging to cover first base and fell to the ground. Mets Blob could almost hear Keith Hernandez throwing up in his mouth a little when he realized the Mets had just lost another player.
David Einhorn: The Mets new minority owner
Einhorn's investment of $200 million supposedly gives him no control or say over team operations. Einhorn's personal empire has come from the world of hedge funds, and he is also an accomplished poker player. Something tells Mets Blob this is more than a vanity buy in for Einhorn.
A young Einhorn dressed as Dave Kingman
Originally a Met fan from New Jersey, his family moved to Milwaukee when he was a kid where they became neighbors with Bud Selig. Yes, that Bud Selig. The same Bud Selig who recently hand picked Sandy Alderson as our general manager. Mets Blob has a sneaky feeling that Einhorn is slow playing the Wilpons. When the time is right and the Wilpon rats are fleeing the sinking ship near Flushing Bay, Einhorn will go all in with his chips and take over the team with the blessing of Uncle Bud.

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