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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mets BBQ Texas 14 - 5

The Duda Abides
Duda goes 4-5, with 3 Doubles & 4 RBI
The Happy Nightcap

• The Mets buried the Texas Rangers today 14 to 5. Mets Blob did not see this coming. It is nice to be wrong for a change.

• Lucas Duda had a 4 hit game with 3 doubles and 4 RBI’s.

• Carlos Beltran had a 2 run Triple in the top of the first to start the rout. Beltran finished the day with 3 hits and 3 RBI’s.

• Jose Reyes had yet another multi-hit game with 2 runs scored and a stolen base - his 27th of the season.

• The Mets had 14 hits, going 8 for 14 with runners in scoring position.

• Jon Niese had to leave the game after 5.2 innings with a rapid heartbeat. Mets Blob hopes it was just the extreme heat in Texas and not anything serious.
The Prince of Darkness

Josh Hamilton says his blue eyes are to blame for his awful stats in day games. Before today’s game, Hamilton was hitting .122 in day games and .374 under the lights. In an exclusive interview with Mets Blob, Josh explained that he has always had keener vision at night: “I’m not kidding Blob, I could be driving like 110 in the pitch dark and spot a crack whore rolling off a park bench. It was super-vision man. I once tattooed the Budweiser logo on a fat chick’s ass in total darkness - free hand - with a butane torch and a toenail clipper. It came out perfect, dude. Of course, this was years ago - before I liked Jesus so much.”

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rangers 8 - Mets 1

There was a gun show in Texas tonight, and the Mets were conscientious objectors. Beltre, Young, & Hamilton's home runs drove in 7 of the 8 Texas runs. 
Pelfrey was his typical useless on the road Mike, losing his hand licking grip on the game very early on. Mets Blob's fear of our triple A offense going up against an AL power house came to an ugly head tonight. Brace yourselves for a rough weekend, Blobbers. This ASA Softball homer fest won't stop on Friday night.  Rangers Ballpark at Arlington is one of the most homer friendly stadiums in all of baseball, and the Texas heat will not let up on the Mets' pitching. 

Unless Reyes and Beltran are hot at the plate, the Mets' lightweight offense can't go toe to toe with the Rangers' heavyweight bombers. With Wright and Davis, we would have a chance to keep up, but right now the Mets are no match for the Rangers' firepower.

Game 2 is Saturday @ 4:10pm

The Road Ahead

Rangers! Tigers! & Yanks! Oh My! 
Mets Blob knows this quick 6 game road trip will not be paved with yellow bricks. When the Mets finally make it back Citi Field, they must meet up with the Wicked Witch of The East River and face the Yankees. Let's hope they hold it together and the flying high AL monkeys don't rip the stuffing out them.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Happy Nightcap of the Day Game

The Happy Nightcap of the Day Game

Mets 4 – A’s 1

The Mets took the rubber game with the A’s this afternoon by a score of 4 -1. Chris Capuano was sharp holding Oakland scoreless through six innings, giving up 5 hits and striking out 7. Capuano left the game with a strained abdominal muscle and was immediately entombed in a block of ice for precautionary reasons. Mets Blob learned he is expected back in April of 2014. Mets team physician, Mandrake Douchebag, explained the bizarre treatment to Mets Blob: “I thought it was worth a shot. Why not? ” Commented Douchebag, “Look, I’m a big David Blaine fan and this ice shit is really cool. They tell me it is actually frozen water, yet it is as hard as a rock. Amazing.”

Jose Reyes had another multi hit game, going 2 for 4 with 2 RBI’s. Reyes is now 15 for his last 33 with runners in scoring position. Daniel Murphy also had a big day with 3 hits. K-Rod said after last night’s game that he needed to get his head out of his ass. Mission accomplished. Rodriguez mowed the A’s down in the 9th for his 20th save.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The After Hours Happy Nightcap

Mets 3 - A's 2

13 Innings of Fun

The Mets topped the A’s tonight when Justin Turner Overdrive got hit by a pitch with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 13th. Mets Blob thought Dickey was great tonight and the game seemed in hand in the bottom of the 8th when Jose Reyes clubbed a one out triple off the wall in right center and was singled home by Turner. Unfortunately, K-Rod was not informed of the plan.
Rodriguez had the A’s down to their last strike but gave up a 2 out game tying single in the top of the 9th. Following K-Rods meltdown, the game was pretty much hitter free as each team emptied their bullpen to overmatch the opposing lineup. To Mets Blob, the Mets and A’s looked like Little Leaguers playing on the big field for the first time. Suddenly the 200 ft. fence is 350 ft. and I am still 12 and can’t imagine hitting the ball that far. Until Turner leaned into the pitch in the 13th, this game looked like it would go 26 innings. Thanks J.T. Good Job.

"There is no reason for me to stand, coach! None of them can hit it this far. Now, if it’s alright with you, I’m gonna’ get back to my Devil Dog.”

Jason Bay was back in all out suck mode going 0 for 5 with three strikeouts. Too many people were getting excited when the Comatose Canadian had a few hits last night. Slow down Mets Fans, this guy needs more than one good game before we say he resembles a Major League hitter.

Ike Out 4 More Weeks - Maybe The Season

Sadly, Mets Blob and fans learned today that Ike Davis will be gone for another 4 weeks and maybe the rest of the season. 
Check out the full story @

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Outman Out Does Mets

Mets 3 - A's 7
They say that walking every day is good cardiovascular exercise. Tonight, walking was the early death of the Mets. The normally under control Dillon Gee was a mess, walking 6 batters, one of them brought a run in the 3rd. His quest for his 8th win was out the window very early.  D.J. Carrasco caught the free pass plague and walked 2 more A's batters. Carrasco also walked in a run in Little League fashion. I guess Mets Blob will have to look at that as a slight improvement over the walk off balk gem D.J. delivered last week.

Mets Blob would love to see a "no 3 strikes law" in place for Met pitchers. The "no 3 strikes law" would be enforced in two ways. First if you walk in a run, you're done and out of the game. The second way would be if you are brought in as a relief pitcher and walk your first batter, you're done. It's a pretty simple no-nonsense law that we think Terry Collins would be great at enforcing. 

Jason Bay went 3-3 with 2 RBI. He killed a solo homer to left, and also drilled a triple to dead center that also almost left the yard. The home run was Bay's first extra base hit in 89 at bats. Mets Blob promised Bay it would stop using this Baywatch pic when he resembles a Major Leaguer again:
 Congrats, Jason, you looked like a ball player tonight, so we will use this picture now and hope you stay hot at the plate:
The Mets were once again flat as a team. The day of rest seemed to do them no good. The fight was not there, the non-Bay bats were dead, and the pitching was pathetic. The team can't survive on Reyes and Beltran alone. They need to pick it up. The Mets run to the All Star break is a tough road filled with quality MLB teams. The Blob fears the horrific skid the team hit this time last year. Let's hope they bounce back and start winning some home games before a tough road trip. If not, the dog days of summer may come early in Flushing.
SIDE NOTE: The Citi Field fence is stupid. Bay's triple went to the 408ft mark in dead center field and had to be reviewed to see if it was an "over the orange line" home run. Mets Blob thinks a dead center home run should be a simple "over the fence or not" call-not an "over the line, stop the game to review it" call. This is not stick ball.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Willie Mays as a NY Met

The upcoming series with Oakland can't help but remind Mets Blob and long time Met fans of the 1973 World Series. The Mets fell to the Oakland A's in 7 games. "Mr. October" Reggie Jackson won his first of two World Series MVP awards in the '73 series. The series also saw the great Willie Mays' last game as a NY Met and a professional baseball player.

(from Wikipedia)

Willie Mays • New York Mets (1972–73)

In May 1972, the 41-year-old Mays was traded to the New York Mets for pitcher Charlie Williams and $50,000 ($262,490 in current dollar terms). At the time, the Giants franchise was losing money. Owner Horace Stoneham could not guarantee Mays an income after retirement and the Mets offered Mays a position as a coach upon his retirement.

Mays had remained popular in New York long after the Giants had left for San Francisco, and the trade was seen as a public relations coup for the Mets. Mets owner Joan Whitney Payson, who was a minority shareholder of the Giants when the team was in New York, had long desired to bring Mays back to his baseball roots, and was instrumental in making the trade. On May 14, 1972, in his Mets debut, Mays put New York ahead to stay with a fifth-inning home run against Don Carrithers and his former team, the Giants, on a rainy Sunday afternoon at Shea Stadium. Then on August 17, 1973, in a game against the Cincinnati Reds with Don Gullett on the mound, Willie hit a fourth inning solo home run over the right center field fence. This was the 660th and last of his illustrious major league career.

Mays played a season and a half with the Mets before retiring, appearing in 133 games. The New York Mets honored him on September 25, 1973, (Willie Mays' Night) where he thanked the New York fans and said good-bye to America. He finished his career in the 1973 World Series, which the Mets lost to the Oakland Athletics in seven games. Mays got the first hit of the Series, but had only seven at-bats (with two hits). He also fell down in the outfield during a play where he was hindered by the glare of the sun and by the hard outfield. Mays later said, "growing old is just a helpless hurt." In 1972 and 1973, Mays was the oldest regular position player in baseball. He became the oldest position player to appear in a World Series game.

Mays retired after the 1973 season with a lifetime batting average of .302 and 660 home runs. His lifetime total of 7,095 outfield fielding putouts remains the major league record.

Mays is the only Major League player to have hit a home run in every inning from the 1st through the 16th. He finished his career with a record 22 extra-inning home runs.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fred Wilpon's Father's Day Card

Angels 7 - Mets 3
The Mets didn't gift their Daddy dearest, Fred Wilpon, with a win this Father's Day. Instead after pounding the Halos last night 6-1, they let them return the favor. The Mets once again looked tired and out of it.

Jon Niese was off today and dug an early hole the Mets' sluggish bats couldn't dig out of. Mets Blob honestly feels our boys need a break. A little R&R on Monday will do their baseball battered bodies some good. 

It was a long, hard fought road trip that brought them home in the wee hours Friday morning. Two night games back to back and then a quick turn around on Sunday must have been just too much for our little Metsies to bear. 

Happy Father's Day to all you Mets Blob Dads! And don't feel bad about today's game. They lost on Mother's Day too.

Tuesday pull out your mutton chops and Fu Manchu mustaches as we reenact the 1973 World Series and take on the Oakland A's. Let's win this time!