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Saturday, July 16, 2011

* The Happy Nightcap - Mets 11 – Phillies 2 *

The Mets pounded Cole Hamels today, routing the Phillies 11-2. Scott Hairston led the way driving in 5 runs with two doubles off Hamels and a mammoth home run off Danys Baez. Daniel Murphy went 3 for 5 with 2 RBI’s and a long home run of his own. Jon Niese was outstanding going 7 innings for his ninth win of the season.

- Mama Alderson -
Hairston was in the lineup because Carlos Beltran was unable to play due to severe flu like symptoms. When Sandy Alderson heard the news he immediately started preparing home made chicken soup for Beltran, stating: “Only the freshest ingredients will do for my lil’ trade bait. I love Carlos like a son and I want to get him nice and healthy so I can send him packing and get a few younger and cheaper sons in return. Do you think he’ll call after I send him away? Do you think he will thank me for all I have done? No. He won’t! Mister big shot All Star is just like all the rest. After I trade them, they never keep in touch. Is one or two calls a week too much to ask for? Mister Mets Blob, would you care for some soup? It’s delicious…and powerful. I used to put it in hypodermic needles and inject it right into the rumps of my boys Canseco and McGwire. They hit the long ball. It wasn’t the juice, it was the soup that made them so strong. Steroids, schmeroids!”

Victorino VS. Cheesesteak


Mets Blob has learned that while on the DL Shane Victorino still has trouble flexing his mental muscle. Reminiscent of Bobby Fischer vs Deep Blue, IBM's chess playing computer, Phillies' star Shane Victorino went head to head with a Cheesesteak in a basic intelligence test. Neither player answered any questions correctly, but scientists determined that the Cheesesteak had more brain activity, giving the noted sandwich a narrow victory.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Mets Sleep Through Second Half Opener

• Phillies 7 – Mets 2 •
- Mets Sleep Through Second Half Opener -

Mets Blob wonders why Major League Baseball failed to inform the Mets that the All Star break was over. The entire team looked like they got into Jason Bay’s discount Canadian Ambien, sleepwalking through a 7-2 loss to the Phillies at Citi Field. R.A. Dickey gave up 3 runs in the second inning and that was pretty much the game. Vance Worley cruised through the Mets lineup for his 5th win of the season.

The score was within reason until the top of the 8th when Ryota Igarashi entered the game and reminded Mets fans why Ryota Igarashi should never leave Buffalo. Botched ground balls by Justin Turner and Ruben Tejada loaded the bases to set the stage for Igarashi who threw a BP fastball that would make Robinson Cano’s father proud. John Mayberry Jr. laced the pitch down the left field line for a bases clearing double. The sight of Igarashi bowing his head as opponents fly around the bases is all too familiar to Met fans.
Why is this Man Smiling?

Mets Blob wonders how excited Sandy Alderson got when Carlos Beltran hit a mammoth home run to dead center in the 8th inning tonight. Beltran crushing the ball in games where the Mets are way behind is the Perfect Sandy Storm. Pennant contending teams that are starved for hitting start to up the offers for Carlos and Sandy can justify trading his only slugger because - with each loss - the Mets fall more and more out of contention. Great, let’s lose so Captain Khaki Pants can dismantle this team and show us the money-ball. It is sad when you realize Alderson is rooting for his own team to fall apart.

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Summer Time & Selling The Mets

Ahhh summer time. Warm weather, kids playing outside, BBQ's, the beach, and weekend yard sales. And the biggest summer yard sale happening this season could be in Queens. The fire sale has already begun at Citi Field. K-Rod was traded to the Brewers in the wee hours after the All Star Game. The next two weeks could determine exactly how liquid the Mets and the cash strapped Wilpons want to become.
The scrappy, injury-depleted Mets have played great ball after a dreadful start. Most Met fans (including Mets Blob) really hoped Wally Backman would be named manager of the Mets in the off-season. But even the biggest skeptics would have to admit Terry Collins has done a fantastic job and has won over even the toughest Met fans with his heart, baseball smarts, and resilience. The problem? The National League East holds the Phillies who are tops in the NL, and second place is held by the Wild Card first place Braves, who presently can not seem to lose. Like it or not, this tough situation will determine very quickly how fast the Mets clean house or, more accurately, clean payroll.

What sucks is this: Mets Blob is all for dumping ugly contracts like K-Rod's, but hates giving up on this team. This group of no names with a surprisingly healthy Beltran and Jose at an MVP pace are exactly the type of Met team fans love to root for because we love the underdog.

The tough pill to swallow for Met fans is...are we doing what is best for the future of the Mets? Or are we doing what is best for the financially strapped Wilpons and their inability to own a team in New York? Mets Blob feels each move will ride a fine line between a smart move and a Wilpon bail out.
Was Sandy Alderson hand picked by Bud Selig after he loaned $50 Million to the Wilpons to help teams like his former Brewers thrive on the destruction of the Mets? In a group of rich dudes who own major league baseball teams, there are a lot of under the table and back room deals made that the average fan can't even imagine. 

As we begin this second half of the season, we'll just have to wait, judge each move together as it happens, and wonder is this best for the Mets? Or the Wilpons? You would think they would be one in the same, but sadly they are not.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Curious Case of Curtis Flood

HBO Sports Presents:
The Curious Case of Curtis Flood

Set your DVR Blobbers!
Mets Blob caught this great documentary on the Father of Baseball Free Agency, Curtis Flood. Learn how one man helped changed the way athletes get paid while putting his own life and career on the line.

It's set to run again on HBO this Saturday at 7am est.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All Star Memories & The K-Rod Conspiracy

National League 5 - American League 1
Congrats to:
• The National League
• Prince Fielder on his MVP Award
• Carlos Beltran on a 1-2 night and scoring a run

When Mets Blob was knee high to a glob, the All Star Game was an exciting event that brought together baseball's best. The mid-summer classic was played for nothing more than the love of the game and bragging rights between the AL and NL. Aside from the World Series, (and the old Mayor's trophy game for New Yorkers) this used to be the only time to see the two leagues go head to head.

Now the seemingly endless inter-league play leading up to the All Star break dilutes the All Star game. Some Blobbers may not remember the day when we didn't have access to every game in every market, MLB Network, ESPN, SNY, streaming games on your computer, tablet, or phone-not to mention the pure joy that is the Mets Blob.  For a long time, the speed of the National League dominated. Then the steroid/HGH era belonged to the American League. Now with two wins in a row, the National League has bounced back.

In 2002, Bud Selig forever tainted the mid summer classic for the Blob. That was year that Bud "Montgomery Burns" Selig called the game a tie in the 11th inning, and neither league won.
One of the beautiful things about baseball is there is always a winner and a loser. Ties are bullshit and don't belong in the show. We understand that the All Star Game is managed much like a Little League game in trying to make sure everybody gets play time in the standard 9 innings. But the game still needs an outcome. Then after fan backlash, Bud the super commissioner jerk off turned around in 2003, and in his twisted mind, gave the game meaning.  The winning League would now have home field advantage in the World Series. Fuck You, Bud! This game always had meaning to baseball fans. We were all waiting for the outcome in 2002. No matter how it ended, we wanted to watch. But you took the ball and went home. 

Mets Blob would not be surprised if the always shady Selig was part of moving K-Rod a bit too early in the season to the Brewers, his former team. Remember he loaned the Wilpons 50 million from MLB and then helped oversee the hiring of Sandy Alderson as our new GM. What's Sandy's first big move? Dealing our closer to the Brewers. What a shock.

The Blob knows K-Rod needed to be dealt at some point, but this was not the time, and this was not the team to deal with. The Blob feels as the race grows tighter in the next month or so, K-Rod's value would have gone up. Teams in the race may have fought for him, and we could have unloaded his contract and acquired quality prospects in return. The Brewers farm system is slop, and slop is what we will get whenever those players are named.

 Mets All Star Flashback
In 1979, Mazzilli led the Mets with 181 hits and 79 runs batted in, and was their sole representative at the All-Star Game in Seattle. Mazzilli hit a game-tying solo home run in the eighth inning of that All-Star Game and drew a bases-loaded walk in the ninth inning to bring in the winning run of the National League's 7–6 victory. The following year, he had his best statistical season, leading the Mets with 162 hits, 31 doubles, 16 home runs, 76 RBIs, 82 runs, and 41 stolen bases.


The Mets' fire sale has begun! What a great night for the Brew Crew. First, Prince Fielder wins the All-Star game MVP, and then they got K-Rod from the Mets for 2 useless players to be named whenever.

K-Rod to Brewers

Monday, July 11, 2011

Giants 4 – Mets 2

The Mets fell to the Giants tonight 4-2. The Mets had Matt Cain on the ropes a few times but the two out hits and clutch RBI’s were nowhere to be found.
The Mets did get Beltran to the plate in the 9th as the tying run but Brian Wilson inhaled deeply and sucked Carlos into his beard to end the game.
Jason Bay sucks. He is killing this team. After he hit a few home runs and got a game winning hit, Jason Bay backers were everywhere. Ron Darling recently said the reason Jason sucks is because he cares so much about his team. Ron added that it is easier for a guy like Manny Ramirez to hit in the clutch and put up big numbers because Manny does not care about his team. What? Is this what you learned at Yale? What was your Major - Ass Backwards Thinking? That’s why the Blob is a Harvard man.

So Ron, if Jason cares so much about the team why doesn’t he stand close enough to the plate to make contact with the ball? That would help his team. How about pulling his head out of his ass? That would help his team too. Nice guy, hustles, plays a good left field – so what? He is paid big money to hit and he can’t hit.

Mets Blob was at the game when a Shea fan hurled a grapefruit at Darling when he was melting down on the mound. When he started spewing the, “Jason Bay sucks because he cares” garbage, Mets Blob starting scanning the Blob Cave for ripe fruit.

This concludes the first half of the season. Enjoy the All Star break.