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Monday, July 11, 2011

Giants 4 – Mets 2

The Mets fell to the Giants tonight 4-2. The Mets had Matt Cain on the ropes a few times but the two out hits and clutch RBI’s were nowhere to be found.
The Mets did get Beltran to the plate in the 9th as the tying run but Brian Wilson inhaled deeply and sucked Carlos into his beard to end the game.
Jason Bay sucks. He is killing this team. After he hit a few home runs and got a game winning hit, Jason Bay backers were everywhere. Ron Darling recently said the reason Jason sucks is because he cares so much about his team. Ron added that it is easier for a guy like Manny Ramirez to hit in the clutch and put up big numbers because Manny does not care about his team. What? Is this what you learned at Yale? What was your Major - Ass Backwards Thinking? That’s why the Blob is a Harvard man.

So Ron, if Jason cares so much about the team why doesn’t he stand close enough to the plate to make contact with the ball? That would help his team. How about pulling his head out of his ass? That would help his team too. Nice guy, hustles, plays a good left field – so what? He is paid big money to hit and he can’t hit.

Mets Blob was at the game when a Shea fan hurled a grapefruit at Darling when he was melting down on the mound. When he started spewing the, “Jason Bay sucks because he cares” garbage, Mets Blob starting scanning the Blob Cave for ripe fruit.

This concludes the first half of the season. Enjoy the All Star break.

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  1. for some that might be an apple, for others a banana ...

    thanks, Blob, for being krazy-ass you