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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Met Bison Mishmosh

Mets fall 3-1 to the Giants

Basically, The Mets' Buffalo Bison infield was not up to MLB speed tonight. The Mets jumped ahead tonight in the first on back to back 2 out doubles by All Star Carlos Beltran and Daniel Murphy to put the Mets up one zip. But slow and sloppy infield play in the bottom of the first helped the Giants jump up 2-1, and that was all Tim Lincecum would need to close the door on the Mets.

Chris Capuano pitched well tonight to keep the Mets in the game, but the offense laid flat and never really got back in it.

The Met Bison Mishmosh
Mets Blob could nit pick about our predominantly AAA infield tonight, but we are dancing with who brung us at this point. We have a scrappy bunch who are playing their hearts out.

Day to day Murphy, Tejada, & Turner have all played different positions in the infield this year. First the Mets lost Davis, then Wright, and then the final nail in the infield coffin, the loss of Reyes. Yet this Bison Met marriage has played beyond all expectations both defensively and offensively. None of the baseball know-it-alls would have put the Mets full complement out of spring training above the .500 mark by the break. But somehow Terry Collins has taken every setback, injury, and Wilpon slander and made it work beyond our expectations.
We owe this to Terry Collins and the heart of this team. Because of our Mets guts and never give up spirit, we have to let tonight's tight loss slide, give our boys a break, and cheer them on again tomorrow.

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