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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mets 5 - Giants 2

The Happy "San Friday" Nightcap
Hairston Is The Hero

With a 2-2 tie in the top of the 9th, Scott Hairston ripped a pinch hit home run off of San Francisco closer and professional absurdist, Brian Wilson

To call Wilson's current state of beard ridiculous is ridiculous. For ridiculous is not enough of an adjective anymore, and Mets Blob is not sure if one exists. It looks as if the collective crotches of every 70's gang bang film have converged on his chin like a swarm of ghastly porno bees. 

Dickey battled through injuries and pitched great. Pagan homered, and All Star Carlos Beltran went 3-5 in the victory.
For a full recap, check out the link below:
Full recap @ NY

Tonight at 9:05pm the Mets face another freak in "The Freak" Tim Lincecum. If the Mets use their new found "working a deep count" approach at the plate, they can beat the at times wild Lincecum.

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