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Saturday, August 11, 2012


Ruben Tejada has done a great job as the starting SS for the Mets in 2012. Causing many fans to say "Jose who?" But what if the Mets had kept Jose? Aside from having a pretty great infield with Tejada at 2B, Ike at 1b and the returned to Gold Glove form Wright at 3B, the Mets could have also been making more money as a franchise. The article in the link below points out that Reyes (had the Mets resigned him) may have literally paid for himself at the gate.


Friday, August 10, 2012


The Mets refuse to tie the toe tag on Jason Bay. After putting up yet another hitless night for the Mets vs the Braves, Jason has now entered full platoon mode primarily only facing lefties. Mets Blob is sure most fans will be thrilled to see less of the Mets' biggest free agent dog during the dog days of Summer. However, what makes no sense is that Jason is hitting .160 when facing righties and .140 vs lefties this season. Face it Terry and the front office, when Jason is hitting in the low .150s, there is no favorable match up or reason to play Bay.
Blobbers, what do you think turned the tide of Bay from All Star to All Slump? Some blame the head injuries, but in truth he sucked before the first concussion. Did he just get old fast? Was he a juicer or HGHer? Tell the Blob Blobbers, what do you think dried up Bay when he got to New York?