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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dillon Gee is 6-0

Not bad for a guy who didn't make the team this spring.

The Happy Nightcap

Mets 5 - Braves zip

The Mets blew open the 7th inning with 5 runs in a tight pitcher's duel between Dillon Gee and Jair Jurrjens. The Mets backed Gee with good defense, and when Bay reached on an error in the bottom of 7th, the Mets took full advantage. Thole doubled to make it 2nd and 3rd. Then Jurrjens hit Tejada to load the bases.

Jason Pridie pinch hit for Gee and singled in the first run of the game. Jurrjens is taken out, and Reyes came up huge with a base clearing triple down the right field line-his 10th of year. Justin Turner then drove in Reyes with a sac fly for the 5th run. Beato shut down the Braves in the 8th, and Beato & Byrdak combined to finish a 1,2,3 9th.

It was nice to see Jose bounce back strong after making a key error in last night's game.

Check out Reyes' numbers during the last
12 home games at Citi:
•RUNS 13
•RBI 6

All 10 of Jose's triples have been hit at Citi field. As much as other players balk at the deep dimensions, odd corners, and high walls of Citi Field, the park is perfect for of the many reasons Mets Blob feels the front office must keep Reyes and make a deal with him some way, some how.

Mets Blob was happy to see Jason Bay moved to the 6 hole tonight. Murphy hit in the 4 hole and had another 2 hit game. The reality is at this point in time, Murphy is better than Bay at the plate, (so is the rest of team for that matter) and Murph hitting 4 or 3 with Beltran in the other position is a much better call. Thank you, Terry, for finally moving Bay the Bust.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Braves 6 – Mets 3 suck fest!

The Mets blew another game tonight because of mistakes. A two out 8th inning walk by Jason Isringhausen started the collapse. Josh Thole added to the fun by letting a pitch in the dirt get past him, allowing the tying run to move into scoring position. A wild pitch was charged to Izzy but this was classic Josh Thole failing to turn his glove over and stabbing at the ball with his backhand. It is hard to watch Josh Thole behind the plate. “Where have you gone Gerry Grote? 
Mets nation turns its lonely eyes to you…ooo ooo ooo.” Following Thole’s folly, Jose Reyes allowed a routine ground ball to go through his legs allowing the tying run to score.  K-Rod fell apart in the top of the 9th and that was the game. Tough loss.

Sandy Alderson met with the media after the game to explain that David Wright was examined by Mets doctors today and was told he cannot move for another three weeks. This is too much. Mets Blob has to question if the Mets knew all along that Wright would be out of action until the All Star break, but led the fans to believe David would return sooner. Mets attendance is way down and David Wright sells tickets. If a family is planning to take in a Mets game - they want to be sure David is going to be in the lineup. That is a fact. Poll some Little Leaguers and some teenage girls in the tri-state area and ask who their favorite Met is...D...WRIGHT!
The Angels and Oakland A’s are coming to Citi-Field in late June - right when school gets out for the summer. These two teams against the Mets are a tough sell. “Hey Dad, David will be back by then, right?” “Of course, Son, David is only out for a few weeks.” Yeah, Right. The Wilpon shell game continues.

David, I am your father. You must sell's the Wright thing to do...the force is strong with you David. Like it was with Madoff! Do as I say...Now Terry, suckle at my teet!

Who's The Hero? Who's The Hump?

Mets Blob Presents!
Who's the Hero? Who's the Hump?
In this week's battle:

Let's go to the tale of the stats...
Jason Bay
With 127 AB's, Jason is hitting .228 with 10 RBI and 2 HR.

Ruben Tejada
With only 48 AB's, Ruben is hitting .313 with 7 RBI and 0 HR.

The HERO in this round goes to...TEJADA! He wins for being more productive and $16 million less a season. That makes Jason Bay the HUMP!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Happy Nightcap (for a day game)

The Happy Nightcap
Mets 9 – Pirates 7

Tiny Tot Terry’s Tirade Tickles Team
Enjoy Carlos while you can Met fans
The Mets charged back from a 7-0 hole today to top the Pirates 9-7. Clearly the team was inspired by Terry Collins' spirited speech following last night’s awful loss. Mets Blob interviewed a Met - who will remain nameless - to find out what went down behind closed clubhouse doors.

“It was crazy Blob. We were all pretty down after the way we played and the coaches started yelling for us to gather round. Next thing I heard was a high pitched squeal screaming ‘You call that baseball? You call that baseball? You call that baseball? Cocksauce! That ain’t baseball. That ain’t baseball. That ain’t baseball.’ None of us in the back of the group could see real well cause the dude is really small. I guess he figured that out cause the next thing I see is Terry sitting on Dan Warthen’s shoulders and he starts yelling toward us in the back. He keeps repeating ‘That ain’t baseball. That ain’t baseball. That ain’t baseball’ rapid fire like fifty times. No shit, I looked over at Izzy and he was trying so hard not to laugh that I think he peed his pants. Plus, when he goes off on how good McCutchen is it just kills us. McCutchen just sounds dirty you know like me touching...McCutchen good, McCutchen good, I like McCutchen! Say that three times fast and try not to laugh I dare you.
Then Izzy goes out there today and throws the shit out of the ball and gets the win. Inspired? Hell yes. I thought Chris Rock was funny - but I never saw funny like last night funny. Never.”

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No Nightcap for you!

Pirates 5 – Mets 1

The Mets have not hit a homerun in 9 games. The 15 hits yesterday and the 17 hits the day before were great, but it is tough to string hits together on a consistent basis. To top it off, we learned today that the only real slugger on the team, Ike Davis, may not be back until after the All Star break. Chalk up the loss of Ike to another misdiagnosed injury by the Mets medical staff. This is a joke, right?

R.A. Dickey pitched a strong game but it all came crashing down in the 8th inning.

Terry Collins praised Jason Bay after the game for running out a weak grounder. Mets Blob wanted to reach through the TV and pick Tiny Tot Terry Collins up by his collar and shake some sense into him. Let’s stop making excuses for Bay.

It was not a joke

Mets Blob was not joking when we made this movie trailer about Ike Davis staying away from the Mets medical staff when he first got hurt.

Davis is now being given the boot...again! The protective boot that is - for another 3 weeks - after yet another Met misdiagnosis from the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. This is just getting silly. The Mets seriously need a new medical staff and hospital. No wonder David Wright went to California to get his own second opinion. It's so bad even the Mets own blog is pointing it out.

Matthew Cerrone

"This  reminds of what Carlos Beltran dealt with last year, and I don’t like it. This didn’t seem like a big deal when it first happened. It was  talked about like he’d be back sooner than later. Now, here we are two and a half weeks later, he’s back in a boot, they’re saying it’s ‘hot,’ and he’ll be shut down until mid June, at which point I assume he’ll have to start up yet another rehab program and (at best) be on target to return around the start of July – roughly 2 months after the initial injury. Not. Good."

Here are a few other Mets Blob classic Met Medical bits.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Happy Nightcap

Mets 7 - Bucks 3

Gee had 8 K's in 7 innings, giving up 3 runs and 5 hits. Izzy threw a perfect 8th inning. Mets were down 2 to 0, went up 3 to 2.

Pirates tied game at 3 in the top of the 7th, and Thole clubbed a 2 run double into right center in the bottom of the 7th.
Willie Harris can't hit, but he made two great plays in the field at third base. Pagan also made a great catch on a deep shot to right center in the 9th.

The Mets got 15 hits after getting 17 last night. Pagan, Tejada, and Murphy each had 3 hits.

Gee is now 5-0. He gave up 2 runs in the 2nd inning and did not let it get to him. Mets Blob is proud of Dillon for battling and getting the job done.

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Memories of a Memorial Day Massacre

Mets 6 - Padres 18

Mets Blob took this photo of bewildered David Wright last Memorial Day after the Padres had just killed the Mets 18-6. Mets Blob fears the white stars & stripes hats for this reason. So we hope for a win against the Pirates tonight, but if we lose by anything less than 12 runs, oddly it will be an improvement over last year in San Diego.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Happy Nightcap

Mets 9 – Phillies 5

The Mets pounded out 17 hits today, topping the Phillies 9 to 5 at Citi Field. Jon Niese went 6.1 innings giving up just one, unearned run.

Jose Reyes led the way with 4 hits including 2 triples. Reyes leads the league in hits, multiple hit games, doubles, triples and stolen bases. He is batting .335 and his average at Citi Field is .398.

Daniel Murphy and Josh Thole each had 3 hits. Justin Turner and Jason Bay chipped in with two hits a piece.

Hey, Philly – Phuck You!

After Phillies starter, Vance Worley knocked Reyes down with a high and tight pitch, John Niese responded by dusting Placido Polonco. Mets Blob says nice job Jon - and nice job Terry Collins. We understand that the Phillies are the bad asses of the NL East right now but the Mets don’t have to stand for their bullshit.

Just in case anyone missed last night’s game on FOX, Mets Blob would like to share some vital information:

Ken Rosenthal is a Douchebag.

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