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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It was not a joke

Mets Blob was not joking when we made this movie trailer about Ike Davis staying away from the Mets medical staff when he first got hurt.

Davis is now being given the boot...again! The protective boot that is - for another 3 weeks - after yet another Met misdiagnosis from the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. This is just getting silly. The Mets seriously need a new medical staff and hospital. No wonder David Wright went to California to get his own second opinion. It's so bad even the Mets own blog is pointing it out.

Matthew Cerrone

"This  reminds of what Carlos Beltran dealt with last year, and I don’t like it. This didn’t seem like a big deal when it first happened. It was  talked about like he’d be back sooner than later. Now, here we are two and a half weeks later, he’s back in a boot, they’re saying it’s ‘hot,’ and he’ll be shut down until mid June, at which point I assume he’ll have to start up yet another rehab program and (at best) be on target to return around the start of July – roughly 2 months after the initial injury. Not. Good."

Here are a few other Mets Blob classic Met Medical bits.

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