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Friday, June 3, 2011

Braves 6 – Mets 3 suck fest!

The Mets blew another game tonight because of mistakes. A two out 8th inning walk by Jason Isringhausen started the collapse. Josh Thole added to the fun by letting a pitch in the dirt get past him, allowing the tying run to move into scoring position. A wild pitch was charged to Izzy but this was classic Josh Thole failing to turn his glove over and stabbing at the ball with his backhand. It is hard to watch Josh Thole behind the plate. “Where have you gone Gerry Grote? 
Mets nation turns its lonely eyes to you…ooo ooo ooo.” Following Thole’s folly, Jose Reyes allowed a routine ground ball to go through his legs allowing the tying run to score.  K-Rod fell apart in the top of the 9th and that was the game. Tough loss.

Sandy Alderson met with the media after the game to explain that David Wright was examined by Mets doctors today and was told he cannot move for another three weeks. This is too much. Mets Blob has to question if the Mets knew all along that Wright would be out of action until the All Star break, but led the fans to believe David would return sooner. Mets attendance is way down and David Wright sells tickets. If a family is planning to take in a Mets game - they want to be sure David is going to be in the lineup. That is a fact. Poll some Little Leaguers and some teenage girls in the tri-state area and ask who their favorite Met is...D...WRIGHT!
The Angels and Oakland A’s are coming to Citi-Field in late June - right when school gets out for the summer. These two teams against the Mets are a tough sell. “Hey Dad, David will be back by then, right?” “Of course, Son, David is only out for a few weeks.” Yeah, Right. The Wilpon shell game continues.

David, I am your father. You must sell's the Wright thing to do...the force is strong with you David. Like it was with Madoff! Do as I say...Now Terry, suckle at my teet!

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