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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Game 2: Mets Sweep Philly!

Mets 6 - Phillies 3
Jack Klugman says, "Suck it, Philly!"
The Mets swept the day/night double header against Philadelphia. In taking game 2, the Mets handed the Phillies their 8th loss in a row since clinching the division.
Dillon Gee got knocked around early and quickly fell behind 3-0. The Met bats battled and put up 6 runs off of the Phillies' lazy susan rotation of pitchers. With the support, Gee settled down and completed 6 innings to get his 13th win of the year.
This was the first time a Met rookie has won 13 games or more since Dwight Gooden won 17 in his remarkable 1984 rookie season.
Mets Blob was happy to see the Mets bounce back after their last horrific home stand and take 2 from Philadelphia at Citi Field. It's true these games mean nothing in the standings, but it is great to see the Mets take a little piss on the Philly postseason parade. We can only hope they carry some of this doubt with them into the playoffs.

However, Mets Blob sees the Phillies' losing streak coming to an end on Sunday when Roy "The Robot" Halladay faces Mike "The Mental Cripple" Pelfrey. I think we all know how that's going to turn out. The hand licking begins at 2:10pm Sunday.

Game 1: Mets 2 - Phillies 1

The Happy Game One Daycap
RA Dickey took a no hitter into the 7th inning. Dickey was pitching a masterful game until (due to personal reasons) Mets Blob changed televisions in the top of 7th, and suddenly Shane Victorino broke up the no no. Sorry Met fans, that's on the Blob. The Phillies would go on to plate one run in 7th and take the lead 1-0.
In the bottom of 7th, September call up and AAA masher Val Pascucci cranked a pinch hit solo bomb into the left field seats to tie the game.
Thank you BIG RAGU for coming through!
Ruben Tejada singled and stole second base to put himself in scoring position in the bottom of the 8th. David Wright then threaded a double down the third baseline to score Tejada and give the Mets a 2-1 lead that Manny Acosta held in the 9th, and the Mets took the first game of the day/night double header from Philadelphia.
The Mets won a rare home game and handed Philly their 7th loss in row. The powerful Phillies are looking a bit meek as they roll their way into the postseason. Will Philadelphia be able to throw the switch and turn it on for the playoffs? Who fucking cares? This is Mets Blob.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

•Mets Comeback Clips Cards' Wings•

Mets 8 - Cardinals 6
The Happy Bird Killing Nightcap

Throughout the 2011 season, the rag tag, banged up, all- star-trading New York Mets showed us a never die spirit that made us love them. But as August became September, the Mets seemed like they were finally throwing in the towel. With dead pitching arms, young players running out of gas, Reyes playing at 80% speed, and David Wright having more errors than hits, September seemed to finally put the 2011 Mets into Hospice.

Today started out looking like another ugly nail in the New York Mets' coffin. Chris Capuano's quest for a .500 record was shattered early on. A quality start was not to be, and the rising Cardinals were on the verge of a 3 game sweep of the Mets.
In the top of the 9th with the score 6-2, the Mets batted around and pulled off the most unlikely comeback, grounding the cocky Cards by scoring 6 runs. St. Louis closer Jason Motte struggled with his control, and the Mets put together some fantastic at-bats. Jose Reyes, Ruben Tejada, and Willie Harris were the big heros of the inning. Bobby Parnell came in for the 9th and shut them down. Parnell was aided by a fantastic diving catch by Jason Pridie for the 3rd out, robbing Yadier "Met killer" Molina of the Cardinals' last chance to fly.
Congrats to the fans who endured the rain delay and the early beat down the Mets took to see this glorious comeback. If you missed it, please enjoy exclusive Mets Blob highlights in the video below:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Overmatched and Overmanaged

Cardinals 6 - Mets 5


Sometimes enthusiasm is not called for. Sometimes having a steady hand at the helm is what is needed. Tonight, Terry Collins' energy and spunk got the best of him as the Mets fell 6-5 to the Cards.

There was no reason to pull Chris Schwinden after 6 innings after he had given up only 3 runs on 6 hits. Mets Blob doesn't want to hear about the 92 pitches either. Let the kid go another inning.

Even if the decision is made to pull Schwinden, what possessed Terry to go to three pitchers to get through the 7th inning. Miguel Batista started the inning by getting a groundout and a strikeout. He then proceeded to give up a single to Albert Pujols - which is no great shame. Here is where Terry Collins started to lose his mind. 

Terry went to Daniel Herrera in order to turn Lance Berkman around to bat righthanded - his weaker side. Berkman promptly singled to put two men on, setting the stage for David Freese to club the game winning 3 run homer off Pedro Beato.

Miguel Batista is not the best pitcher in the league. He is a journeyman, who at this point in his career gets by on guts and guile. Still, he looked sharp tonight and had a much better chance of retiring Berkman than Herrera. Terry Collins has to learn to get his head out of the charts and go with what he sees.

Lefty/Righty match ups are overdone in baseball. If you can pitch, you can pitch. Whether the batter is righthanded or lefthanded does not matter. Even if you buy the match-up theory - in this case it was pointless. Berkman is a switch hitter. He was in no way affected by the presence of Daniel Herrera on the mound. His line drive proved that.

Mets Blob can only assume Terry was inspired to over manage by the king of screwing up baseball, Tony LaRussa.  

       Lucas "Dizzy" Duda

Lucas Duda played right field tonight like a guy wearing blue jeans in the company picnic softball game. Lucas left the game with dizziness after attempting to run backwards through the right field wall on a ball hit by Albert Pujols.The dizziness was compounded by Duda's next misplay, which forced him to track the pinball ricochet of a David Freese triple, as the ball caromed hyperspeed around the right field corner.

After the game Lucas was tested for a concussion. Determining if Lucas Duda has a concussion may be the most difficult challenge yet for the Mets troubled medical staff. Where would one start? Expecting the big lug to express himself at this point is a bit of a reach. Still its certainly worth a try: "Lucas if you have a head boo boo, stomp your foot once. If its all better, blink."