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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

•Cardinals 11 - Mets 6•

Baseball Gnip Gnop
The Mets spoiled nothing tonight for surging St. Louis. By the 3rd inning, the Mets ran up a 4-0 lead. That lead would quickly fall apart again...and again, and then in the 7th inning finally bite the pipe of no return.
Mike Pelfrey was in his classic mentally flaccid form this evening. Every time Big Poof was staked a lead-once even by his own bat-he gave it right back. Gnip F-ing Gnop. Much has been mentioned about bringing Pelfrey back next year because he stays physically healthy over the course of a season and "eats a lot of innings." Mets Blob finds this concept weak in reference to Mike Pelfrey. While he may be physically fine, he is totally mentally ill. His head is never in the game, and the more years and innings he gets under his belt, the worse he gets. Every simple baseball fundamental of how to play his position flies out of his self-centered, OCD cluttered skull every time he takes the mound. Sandy, in 2012 please free us of this 6'7" mental midget.

P.S. In the post game interview, Mike always says he felt fine during the game. Funny, Mike, you always sicken the Blob...and I'm a Blob.
In the top of the 7th, the Mets broke a 5-5 tie due to sloppy play and wild pitching on the part of the Cards. With the sacs full and chance to blow the game wide open, David Wright once again looked at breaking ball strike 3 to end the rally. You've all seen a baffled Wright with knees buckled take strike 3 1,000 times. STOP GUESSING PITCHES, DAVID! YOU REALLY, REALLY, REALLY SUCK AT IT! YOU NEED TO SWING, MAKE CONTACT, OR AT LEAST LEARN HOW TO FOUL OFF A BREAKING BALL.
"I'm soaked in booze! Is this heaven? Remember that from that movie...huh, do ya? ALBERT! KISS ME, KISS ME YOU MUSCLE BOUND FOOL! I DON'T EAT MEAT, BUT I'D LOVE TO GIVE YOUR LATIN MEAT WHISTLE A GO! WHO'S GOT MY KEYS?"

The Mets pen absolutely exploded in the bottom of the 7th when Tony "Network Time Killer" LaRussa and his seemingly endless September bench of call ups brought the game and the Mets' chances for a victory to a grinding halt. The LaRussa Baseball Switcheroo Gnip Gnop hit its mind numbing apex. That's a game Terry Collins can never win because it eventually brings D.J. Carrasco to the mound, and no matter what arm angle he tries, he sucks the asses out of dead donkeys. Any of our grandmothers-living or dead-could be more deceptive to a Major League hitter. By the end of the 7th inning carnage, the Cardinals scored 6 runs with 2 outs and closed the door on the Mets.
Lastly, Mets Blob was pleasantly surprised with Sandy Alderson's interview during tonight's game. The hot topics included changes to Citi Field, the weak pen, the lack of a closer in the system, and the huge blow team leadership took this season when they lost Murphy and Reyes to injury. Alderson also discussed making October all about trying to keep Jose Reyes in a Mets uniform. The Reyes situation is clearly the launch pad for what direction the NY Mets off season takes. But Alderson gave us a strong feeling that he has multiple plans in place for however it may shake out.


  1. Pelfey left the game with a one run lead. Don't be blaming it all on one person because you don't like him. The bullpen SUCKS!

  2. Agreed the pen sucks, but the Blob covered that too. By no one's account (not just Mets Blob) did Pelfrey pitch a good game last night. But you are correct-Mets Blob is not a fan of Big Mike. After covering a long, painful season of Pelfrey's hand licking and mental meltdowns, it has gotten very old, and the Blob feels at this point Pelfrey is too old to be fixed and should be cut loose. We do agree, though, that Pelf is not the only one to blame. Thanks for Blobbing!