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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rookie Dress Up Day Shish Boom Bah!

Many of you may have seen (and then tried to erase from your brain) the photo of NY Mets' rookies dressed up as Mets cheerleaders. The dress up day stunt traditionally happens in September. In the good old days, the veterans would enforce this hazing ritual on a return trip from Montreal to ensure further embarrassment when the newbies went through customs. This year it was pulled on their return fight from Atlanta.
It seemed all in good fun until Mets Blob realized this was the third September Josh Thole was forced to dress up. Even more disruptive to a Met fan's psyche is how Josh "Ru Paul" Thole owned his new found womanhood. Maybe the Blob is wrong and deep down Josh truly is a catcher... As unsettling as the above image of Thole is, what's even more disturbing is the Mets veterans who keep forcing him to do this every year because they like seeing Josh dressed up real purdy.

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