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Friday, July 8, 2011

Dodgers 6 - Mets 0

Three out of Four Ain’t Bad
Clayton Kershaw dominated the Mets tonight, leading the Dodgers to a 6-0 win. Dillon Gee stood toe to toe with Kershaw for five innings but fell apart in the sixth, giving up 5 runs.
Still, the Mets should be applauded for taking 3 of 4 games to start the West Coast trip. Hopefully the bats can get back on track in San Francisco against the World Champs. Giants’ pitching is great but the Mets have fared well against top notch hurlers all year.

The Sandy Man puts Mets Blob to Sleep
Sandy “No Money Ball” Alderson chatted with Gary and Ron tonight and said absolutely nothing. The more he spoke, the more evasive he got. Gary and Ron sucked up and laughed at Sandy’s lame quips to the point of embarrassment. With all the yuks you would have thought Chris Rock had joined the booth. Sandy speaks in a monotone that matches his khaki pants perfectly. He comes off as no more than a waste of space politician. Mets Blob thinks Alderson is the kind of guy who would benefit from being slapped with a dead fish - you know, just to perk him up a bit.

Jose Reyes goes on the DL
Misdiagnosed Again

Mets Blob has let the world know about the Mets laughable medical staff all season. This garbage has been going on for too many years. The only ones who don’t seem to get it continue to be Mets management and ownership. The doctor’s from The Hospital for Special Surgery are clueless.

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