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Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Time & Selling The Mets

Ahhh summer time. Warm weather, kids playing outside, BBQ's, the beach, and weekend yard sales. And the biggest summer yard sale happening this season could be in Queens. The fire sale has already begun at Citi Field. K-Rod was traded to the Brewers in the wee hours after the All Star Game. The next two weeks could determine exactly how liquid the Mets and the cash strapped Wilpons want to become.
The scrappy, injury-depleted Mets have played great ball after a dreadful start. Most Met fans (including Mets Blob) really hoped Wally Backman would be named manager of the Mets in the off-season. But even the biggest skeptics would have to admit Terry Collins has done a fantastic job and has won over even the toughest Met fans with his heart, baseball smarts, and resilience. The problem? The National League East holds the Phillies who are tops in the NL, and second place is held by the Wild Card first place Braves, who presently can not seem to lose. Like it or not, this tough situation will determine very quickly how fast the Mets clean house or, more accurately, clean payroll.

What sucks is this: Mets Blob is all for dumping ugly contracts like K-Rod's, but hates giving up on this team. This group of no names with a surprisingly healthy Beltran and Jose at an MVP pace are exactly the type of Met team fans love to root for because we love the underdog.

The tough pill to swallow for Met fans is...are we doing what is best for the future of the Mets? Or are we doing what is best for the financially strapped Wilpons and their inability to own a team in New York? Mets Blob feels each move will ride a fine line between a smart move and a Wilpon bail out.
Was Sandy Alderson hand picked by Bud Selig after he loaned $50 Million to the Wilpons to help teams like his former Brewers thrive on the destruction of the Mets? In a group of rich dudes who own major league baseball teams, there are a lot of under the table and back room deals made that the average fan can't even imagine. 

As we begin this second half of the season, we'll just have to wait, judge each move together as it happens, and wonder is this best for the Mets? Or the Wilpons? You would think they would be one in the same, but sadly they are not.

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