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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The Mets' fire sale has begun! What a great night for the Brew Crew. First, Prince Fielder wins the All-Star game MVP, and then they got K-Rod from the Mets for 2 useless players to be named whenever.

K-Rod to Brewers


  1. Since we don't know who the players are, what makes you say they are useless? Personally, I'm glad to free up some of the K-Rod money to hopefully keep Jose Reyes a Met.

  2. The Blob knows K-Rod needed to be dealt at some point, but this was not the time, and this was not the team to deal with. The Blob feels as the race grows tighter in the next month or so, K-Rod's value would have gone up. Teams in the race may have fought for him, and we could have unloaded his contract and acquired quality prospects in return. The Brewers farm system is slop, and slop is what we will get whenever those players are named.
    Mets Blob would not be surprised if the always shady Selig was part of moving K-Rod a bit too early in the season to the Brewers, his former team. Remember he loaned the Wilpons 50 million from MLB and then helped oversee the hiring of Sandy Alderson as our new GM. What's Sandy's first big move? Dealing our closer to the Brewers. What a shock.
    We hope we are wrong about who comes later, but this seems a little fishy to us. Maybe San Diego Sandy is setting this up to bring Heath Bell back to the Mets. That would be cool. But we will have to wait and see. We would be very happy to be wrong about this.