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Friday, June 24, 2011

Rangers 8 - Mets 1

There was a gun show in Texas tonight, and the Mets were conscientious objectors. Beltre, Young, & Hamilton's home runs drove in 7 of the 8 Texas runs. 
Pelfrey was his typical useless on the road Mike, losing his hand licking grip on the game very early on. Mets Blob's fear of our triple A offense going up against an AL power house came to an ugly head tonight. Brace yourselves for a rough weekend, Blobbers. This ASA Softball homer fest won't stop on Friday night.  Rangers Ballpark at Arlington is one of the most homer friendly stadiums in all of baseball, and the Texas heat will not let up on the Mets' pitching. 

Unless Reyes and Beltran are hot at the plate, the Mets' lightweight offense can't go toe to toe with the Rangers' heavyweight bombers. With Wright and Davis, we would have a chance to keep up, but right now the Mets are no match for the Rangers' firepower.

Game 2 is Saturday @ 4:10pm

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