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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Outman Out Does Mets

Mets 3 - A's 7
They say that walking every day is good cardiovascular exercise. Tonight, walking was the early death of the Mets. The normally under control Dillon Gee was a mess, walking 6 batters, one of them brought a run in the 3rd. His quest for his 8th win was out the window very early.  D.J. Carrasco caught the free pass plague and walked 2 more A's batters. Carrasco also walked in a run in Little League fashion. I guess Mets Blob will have to look at that as a slight improvement over the walk off balk gem D.J. delivered last week.

Mets Blob would love to see a "no 3 strikes law" in place for Met pitchers. The "no 3 strikes law" would be enforced in two ways. First if you walk in a run, you're done and out of the game. The second way would be if you are brought in as a relief pitcher and walk your first batter, you're done. It's a pretty simple no-nonsense law that we think Terry Collins would be great at enforcing. 

Jason Bay went 3-3 with 2 RBI. He killed a solo homer to left, and also drilled a triple to dead center that also almost left the yard. The home run was Bay's first extra base hit in 89 at bats. Mets Blob promised Bay it would stop using this Baywatch pic when he resembles a Major Leaguer again:
 Congrats, Jason, you looked like a ball player tonight, so we will use this picture now and hope you stay hot at the plate:
The Mets were once again flat as a team. The day of rest seemed to do them no good. The fight was not there, the non-Bay bats were dead, and the pitching was pathetic. The team can't survive on Reyes and Beltran alone. They need to pick it up. The Mets run to the All Star break is a tough road filled with quality MLB teams. The Blob fears the horrific skid the team hit this time last year. Let's hope they bounce back and start winning some home games before a tough road trip. If not, the dog days of summer may come early in Flushing.
SIDE NOTE: The Citi Field fence is stupid. Bay's triple went to the 408ft mark in dead center field and had to be reviewed to see if it was an "over the orange line" home run. Mets Blob thinks a dead center home run should be a simple "over the fence or not" call-not an "over the line, stop the game to review it" call. This is not stick ball.

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