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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fred Wilpon's Father's Day Card

Angels 7 - Mets 3
The Mets didn't gift their Daddy dearest, Fred Wilpon, with a win this Father's Day. Instead after pounding the Halos last night 6-1, they let them return the favor. The Mets once again looked tired and out of it.

Jon Niese was off today and dug an early hole the Mets' sluggish bats couldn't dig out of. Mets Blob honestly feels our boys need a break. A little R&R on Monday will do their baseball battered bodies some good. 

It was a long, hard fought road trip that brought them home in the wee hours Friday morning. Two night games back to back and then a quick turn around on Sunday must have been just too much for our little Metsies to bear. 

Happy Father's Day to all you Mets Blob Dads! And don't feel bad about today's game. They lost on Mother's Day too.

Tuesday pull out your mutton chops and Fu Manchu mustaches as we reenact the 1973 World Series and take on the Oakland A's. Let's win this time!

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