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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yankees 9 – Mets 3

Meltdown Mike Pelfrey fell apart in the 7th inning today and everyone saw it coming except Terry Collins. After Gardner snuck a single through Pelf’s legs to start the inning, Pelfrey huffed and puffed like a petulant child on the mound. He was done. At this point Collins should have bolted from the bench and dragged Mike by the ear to the dugout. Collins never moved. Pelfrey, as expected, walked Chris Dickerson. Here comes Terry, right? Wrong. Collins remained frozen in the dugout. Pelfrey proceeds to almost kill Francisco Cervelli, who was trying to sacrifice, by throwing a pitch at his face.

Mets Blob is all for drilling the obnoxious, Bush League, Italian import but this was hardly the time. Terry Collins must have sprinted to the mound at this point, right? No, Terry wanted more proof that Mike Pelfrey wanted out of this game. Pelfrey obliged with a room service, first pitch, fastball to Derek Jeter. Jeter, of course, has made a career of jumping on fat, first pitch, fastballs from mentally frail pitchers. Mike Pelfrey has made a career of melting down in big spots. Derek Jeter is headed to the Hall of Fame. Mike Pelfrey is headed to the Brewers to pitch middle relief.

Missed Opportunities

Ivan Nova did not have his best stuff today and the Mets failed to take advantage. The bases were packed with Mets all game but the Amazins’ only plated three runs. Jason Bay hit two, Felix Millan, ground ball singles. Sorry Jason, your act is wearing thin - Ivan Nova is not Roy Halladay. Mets Blob hopes you are not happy with your “please let me make contact and not get embarrassed” swings.

California Here We Come

  The Mets announced after the game that David Wright is headed to California to get a legitimate second opinion on his injured back. Good move David. Mets Blob recommends getting as far away from The Hospital for Especially Wrongheaded Diagnosis as possible.

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