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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The Math of the Mets Is Overwhelming

The I'm Stupidly Happy, Nightcap

Mets Blob is beside his blobby self. The Blob feared this 6 game road trip, only to come home to face the Yanks. The Rangers and Tigers are first place AL power house teams with legit big bats. How can the, albeit scrappy, Mets take on these MLB big guns? If you asked Terry "The Brain" Collins he would have put me at ease by saying: "No worries Blob. We'll just score 52 runs in 4 games and set a team record." But we'd say: "But Terry, what if a team like the Tigers goes deep 5 times in a game? How do the Mets deal with that?" Terry simply says: "No problem Blob, my boys will turn on the hits like a rec softball team. I'm from Michigan, and my 92 year old father is going be at the game tonight and my boys won't let me down."

The Resiliency of the Mets tonight was the most impressive thing. In a game that had so much go on, not even the great Mets Blob can rein it in. Every time the Tigers breathed any life, the Mets never stopped playing ball and driving in runs. To the Blob, a Met fan more battered than a wife in a Lifetime movie from the mid 90's, we kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. For the good fortune to bite us in the ass. For these real AL teams to come back and crush our dreams of making a run at the wild card, keeping our team intact and getting the spirit of 69, 73, and 2000 back. But these Terry Collins Mets clamped their teeth down like a Rottweiler and never let go.

Tonight, Mets Blob could write a love letter to every Met who played. They all played a part in the win. The Tigers were finally brought to their knees, when they put a position player in the mound. But it's all just too much for the Blob to cover. The Blob wants to sit back and enjoy a yummy nightcap. The Blob prefers to leave the hard stuff to the NY Times. Check out the link below for the full recap.

Thursday we face the best pitcher in the AL. Who cares! We already won this series and this road trip. We love what this can do for our boys confidence. So let's head home and beat up on the Yanks at Citi. Why not? It's about time.

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