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Friday, July 1, 2011

Yankees 5 – Mets 1

Not Good
Jonathan Niese gave up 3 first inning runs tonight and the Mets never recovered, falling to the Yankees 5-1 at Citi Field.
Ivan Nova seemed ripe for the taking but the Mets never got the big hit. The Mets 3-4-5 hitters went 1 for 10 and left 12 men on base.

Ivan Nova, who plays in the AL, had no problem getting a bunt down. Jon Niese, who plays in the NL, could not get a bunt down. Mets pitchers have failed miserably with the bat all season. National League pitchers MUST be able to bunt. No excuses.

Jose Reyes led off the 7th with a single and made a nice play tagging up and advancing to second on a Justin Turner fly ball to center. When the ball rolled away from a lackadaisical Eduardo Nunez, Reyes bolted for third but was thrown out - though it appeared on replay that A-Rod missed the tag. Terry Collins got tossed arguing the call and backed his star after the game refusing to question Jose’s decision to try to take third. Mets Blob thought Reyes was overaggressive in this case because Carlos Beltran was due up and would have batted with one out with a man on second in a 3-1 game. Beltran is the Mets best RBI man and only power threat. Mets Blob would have loved to see him hack with a chance to tie the game.

Mets Blob did not like to see so many Yankee fans at Citi Field but the crowd sounded alive with a buzz in the park all game.

Mets Blob loves Keith Hernandez but commenting on A-Rods incredible strength without mentioning the words cheater and steroids is a joke. Keith you are better than that. Wake up.

Saturday's game is on Fox. Fox sucks.

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