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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

•The Stopper Stops the Skid•

Mets 7 - Phillies 4 
The Return of the Happy Nightcap! 
The Ace, the Stopper, Mike "The Stud" Pelfrey halted the Metropolitans horrific decent into 2011 baseball oblivion today. When Mike Pelfrey was named the number one starter for NY this season in absence of Johan Santana, this was the type of commanding performance the Mets envisioned. When the Mets' luck had run out and the chips were down, the front office knew "Big Pelf" would be the stabilizing force that would set the Mets right again. Who else could throw 125 pitches in 6 innings? Who else could make a four run lead turn into a one run lead in just an inning? Who else could Terry Collins view completing 6 innings of work as a huge accomplishment? None other than Mike Pelfrey.
BIG FREAKIN' PELFY DEAL! Mets Blob is thrilled we won a game! Really. But giving that mental train wreck Pelfrey a pat on the back for a job well done is almost as nuts as making him the closer next year! By the way, the Blob has loved what Terry Collins has done with this team, but he should have a net thrown over his head for thinking Mike Pelfrey could be a closer. 
The front office needs to kick themselves in the junk for worrying about who will eat up 200 innings next year if Big Mike is not on the staff or a starter. Mike Pelfrey is a way more proficient towel, jersey, and hand eater than he is an innings eater. Met fans know watching Mike eat innings eats at our very souls. If Pelfrey is resigned for 2012, the front office will be robbing us fans of valuable hours of our lives that we will never get back. 
The big hero today was not Big Pelf but Nick Evans. In his first at bat Tuesday night, Nick left the bat on his shoulder and watched strike 3 go by with the bases loaded. Since then, he has learned from his mistake and has been mashing the ball. Way to play ball, Nick! Evans went 3-4 with a 3 run blast, a double and a single, with 4 RBI total on the day. 

The Blob sure hopes Pelfrey took Evans out for a steak dinner when the Mets got back to NY Wednesday night. Wait. The Blob just realized the thought of those two at dinner trying to make small talk could be purgatory on earth. Still, great job Nick! David Wright also hit a solo bomb and drove in 2 on the day, so maybe Pelf should buy David a steak, too. We know Wright could spice up the dinner banter with that cool locker-side whisper he uses when he talks to the press about crooked numbers.

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