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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Happy Nightcap

Mets 9 – Rockies 5

Big Day for Beltran

• Carlos Beltran hits three HR’s to power the Mets past the Rockies. Beltran sandwiches 2 lefty blasts around a frozen-rope right handed bullet. All three homers were 2 run shots, giving Carlos 6 RBI’s on the day. Beltran hit one to CF, one to LF, and one to RF.

• The Mets take their second series in a row.

• Ike Davis is placed on the 15 day DL before the game. Since the Mets medical staff has proven to be a joke, we cannot trust this report. For all we know, Ike’s career could be in jeopardy. Maybe Ike will take matters into his own hands. CHECK IT OUT:  The Trailer for IKE's new movie

• David Wright sat out today’s game. He needed a day off and we needed a day off from watching him.

• Willie Harris played a good game. Willie Harris played a good game. Willie Harris played a good game.

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  1. Think of it this way, if the Mets can get Bel-tron to hit 3 home runs per game they will most likely win a lot more games and solve all of the Wilpon's problems! Let's do it!

    Cole Trickle Arguile