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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Here is the simple truth about today's match up between Jon Niese and Roy "The Robot" Halladay. Last night was the best chance the Mets had to come away with a win in this 3 game series with Philadelphia. Clearly that did not happen, as the Mets fell 10-3. Pelfrey was another mental no-show and Ryan "Gigantor" Howard was a one man wrecking crew.
For the Mets to win today two things need to happen:

1) Jon Niese needs to pitch the game his life.

2) Roy Halladay needs to suddenly drop dead. We don't wish Roy harm-we just worry that even a dead Roy could throw 5 strong innings.

Try to enjoy the game today if you can. The Blob says "if you can" because the Fox control over the MLB Saturdays tends to ruin baseball viewing for many out of market fans. Even DirecTV and internet feeds tend to be blacked out by Fox. It's UN AMERICAN! But Fox is owned by an Australian psycho, so that explains it. Thanks, Bud, for making a deal with the devil and ruining Saturday baseball. 

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