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Friday, April 29, 2011

Princess Pelfrey

Mike is delicate. Mike is sensitive. Mike gets flustered. Mike gets upset when the opposing team reaches base. This causes Mike to throw a half-assed slide-step meatball to Ryan Howard that is still traveling. The loud noise that occurs when Howard’s bat connects with the ball frightens Mike. How could he possibly be expected to pitch the rest of the game after all those bad things happened?

He couldn’t. Mike responded to adversity by licking his hand at hyper-speed, wiping his brow and saying bad words. Every Met fan on the planet knew Mike Pelfrey was done at this point. Unfortunately, Terry Collins and Dan Warthen were watching a different game. They thought Mike deserved to pitch some more. They were wrong.

After the game, Terry said Mike was suffering from the flu. Dan Warthan said he thought Mike threw the ball well. So, Met Fans, stop expecting Mike Pelfrey to act like a major league pitcher. It is not going to happen. As long as Mets management continues to coddle Lil’ Mike, things will never change.

PS we lost to Philly 10-3

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