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Thursday, April 28, 2011

SNY Don't You Just Cover The Game?

The Blob has decided to ignore tonight’s game. We figure if SNY does not feel the action on the field is worth covering, why should we? Clearly, the exploits of Kevin “The Wandering Mannequin” Burkhardt are far more important than the game itself. We will now take you away from reading this post in order to needlessly show several pictures of Kevin:
If possible, as you continue reading, please keep at least one eye on Kevin. Good job, you made it through that sentence and were still aware of Kevin. To reward you for your ability to focus on Kevin, we will now cut to an oversized, particularly beefy shot of Kevin:

Oh, the Nats snapped the Mets 6 game winning streak.

At one point SNY left Kevin to focus on Keith Hernandez breaking down the swings of Ike and Murphy. We love Keith, but SNY should never show Keith or anyone else when Kevin is in the ballpark. Why can’t Kevin break down batting stances and swings? He could do it - he can do anything. Remember when he landed that plane on the Hudson?

Gary Cohen is certainly not shy about sharing his vast baseball knowledge. Tonight, Gary instructed Jose Reyes on the proper way to slide. Gary said when you go in head first; always keep your fingers up so you don’t jam them on the bag. When was the last time Gary went in head first? Has Gary ever gone in head first?


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