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Saturday, April 16, 2011


The Mets were going to lose two today and they knew it before they even took the field. After the Braves scheduled last night’s rainout to be played today as part of a Doubleheader, Mets management - led by Sandy “Khaki Pants” Alderson - lodged a complaint with MLB. No shit Blobbers, the Mets felt the Braves were being unfair by making them play a freaking Doubleheader. How soft have we become? If you are pissed at the Braves, go out and kick their ass. You think Ray Knight would have complained about playing two games. How about Keith or Carter or Strawberry or Backman? Met fans, we now have a GM who has assembled a team that he is afraid to put on the field. Disgraceful.

Hey Sandy, have you ever won anything? We know about the freak parade in Oakland when you sat back and allowed an entire clubhouse full of juicers to shoot needles into each other’s asses; but we mean have you ever won anything legitimately? The answer is no. Maybe instead of paying J.P. Ricciardi and Paul DePodesta to pick up your dry cleaning, you could have put the money toward a relief pitcher or a second baseman. Sorry, if we are going too fast for you, but this is New York speed - get used to it. That’s enough for now. Go lay out you polo-shirt for tomorrow, you guys have a day game.

 “You see fellas, I get to wear the blazer cause I’m in charge.”

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