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Thursday, April 14, 2011


It’s only a matter of time before Terry Collins blows his top. He admitted during post game news conference that he is “biting his lip” and we can feel the steam starting to build in his tightly wrapped skull. He preaches “playing the game the right way” but his team does not look ready to take the field. Mets pitchers lead the league in walks as well as walks to 8th place hitters. When the Mets bats put runs on the board, the pitchers cough up the lead in the next half inning.

The fielding has been atrocious. Harris and Harriston make us long for Vince Coleman and Roger Cedeno. Hell, we will take Dave Kingman’s glove at this point. H and H approach fly balls like they are trying to avoid bricks falling from a scaffold. They are in all out panic mode. Beltran, in an effort to not look as foolish, routinely allows the ball to land over his head and hobbles gracefully after it.

We at Mets Blob are not big Luis Castillo fans but he would have made every play Emaus botched in today’s game. How Ruban Tejada, a fantastic fielder, failed to make the squad is beyond us.
• Troy Tulowitzki in the 4 games in NY put up slow pitch softball numbers going 10 for 16.
.625 BA
4 walks.

• Troy Tulowitzki has hit 22 home runs in his last 40 major-league games.

The boys are off to Atlanta. Good luck with that.


  1. Come on, don't you know about conspiracy theories? The guys are purposely playing like my nephew's t-ball team to make Terry look bad (well, at least that's what my 79 year old father thinks). Oh and the road trip post is hilarious! I can never remember Cartlin's name I just call them Bobby O and the fat guy.

  2. Thank you. "Bobby O and the Fat guy" was a pilot done for NBC back in 1979. The network opted to run "BJ and the Bear" instead. The Bear tested better than the fat guy in focus groups.