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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Happy Nightcap & Reflections

After watching WalK-Rod pitch the 9th, METS BLOB recommends making your Happy Nightcap a double.

• Beltran goes yard twice. Good for Carlos.

• Not sure if Capuano watched his METS BLOB welcome video, but we hope we provided some inspiration. Chris pitched a decent game, though he twice gave up runs after he was staked to a lead - not a good sign.

• Ike Triples, Ike Triples, Ike Triples. It sounds so nice we say it thrice. Davis smacks a 2 run triple to put the Mets ahead in the 6th.

• Parnell was shaky in the 8th, choking the ball and spiking it in the dirt. He pulled it together, but there was no way Terry was leaving him in to pitch to Matt "Beer League Bomber" Stairs. Rodriguez gets him to groundout.

• Reyes drills an 8th inning 2 run double to give Mets 8-4 cushion.

• So it’s 8-4 Mets in bottom 9, and WalK-Rod comes in and can’t find the plate. He walks the first two and goes to full count on Ankiel before getting a DP ball.

• Maybe Francisco was too jacked up after taking some vicious hacks in his first Major League plate appearance in the bottom of the 8th. He went down swinging. Clearly it's easier making contact with your common law father in-law than it is major league pitching.

• In bottom of the 9thGary teased the Post Game show. Keith, frustrated by a long, sloppy, game, said, “The post game show should have been on half an hour ago.”  METS BLOB loves Keith.

THE NEW DR. K: David Wright is striking out at an alarming rate. He had 2 K’s tonight and already has 10 for the year. SNY showed his career strikeouts:
2007 – 115 strikeouts
2008 – 118 strikeouts
2009 – 140 strikeouts
2010 – 161 strikeouts
David gets cut a lot of slack in this town. METS BLOB tells it like it is. David, you are not Ryan Howard. Stop swinging for the fences, and hit line drives. We know it hurts to hear this, but HoJo was not the girl for you. Stop texting his sorry, porn-mustached ass, and let him go. You look silly at the plate. Drive the ball the other way and make contact. A number 3 hitter can't K this many times a year. To give you an idea of how high his strike out totals have become, in 1984 Keith Hernandez had his highest strike out total as a Met with 97.

Chris Young tries to bring us a win in the rubber game on Sunday. GO CHRIS!

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