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Monday, April 11, 2011

Rockies 7 - Mets 6


• Pelfrey did not do the job again. He threw 113 pitches in 5 and 1/3 innings, leaving with 2 men on in the 6th. Calling that outing progress is a joke. The pen is awful and overworked. A good starter understands this fact and goes at least 7 innings.

• Willie Harris lost a ball in the lights. In all his years of robbing the Mets, has anyone ever seen him misplay a ball? Oh, we forgot, players forget how to play baseball when they join the Mets. METSBLOB will actually cut Harris some slack here. Beltran wore flip-down sunglasses in right field late in the game, which means the lights must be screwed up in Saul Katz Field. Does this surprise anyone? The Mets management can’t even get basic shit - like lights - to function. They probably laid-off the guy who positioned them.

• We know Igarashi and Parnell can’t find the plate from 60 feet; now we know that they can’t find the plate from 20 feet either. Ralph Kiner was more accurate throwing first pitch in the home opener. He is 88.

• To say Parnell grooved the pitch to Troy T is an understatement. Bobby looked like a frightened little leaguer on the mound and he threw a - get over - meatball to one of the best hitters in baseball. Tulo as predicted by METSBLOB, made Citi Field look small.

• Jason Isringhausen did a nice job. He went on to have a nice career following his trade from the Mets. For those who forget, he was dealt for the immortal Billy Taylor, who was beyond garbage.

• Sandy "we have no money ball" Alderson is getting a total pass. If Omar put this pen together he would be getting ripped big-time.

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