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Monday, August 8, 2011

• Murphy's Law is Wilpon's Curse •

This was without a doubt a Sunday bloody Sunday for the NY Mets and fans of the club. None of us could ever have imagined how horrific this rubber match against the Braves could have been. We imagined Dillon Gee could be wild, we had no doubt Bobby Parnell could blow the tie, and we were well aware, after dropping game one against Atlanta on Friday, the Mets million mile Wild Card long shot was just about out the window. 

But what none of us saw coming was more leg injuries than the invasion of Normandy. The #1 and #5 top hitters in the National League both were NY Mets, and both were lost Sunday due to leg injuries, one of them for the rest of season.
They say Karma is a bitch. If that's true, then Met fans are doomed for as long as Fred "Fed Pen" Wilpon owns the team. The Karmic debt and actual debt Fred Wilpon has amassed is at a level we can't dig out of until he is long gone. Fred has fouled this franchise and is the snake that has its fiscally crippled fangs dug into our beloved team. He is a tainted, dirty, glory-hole gang scumbag who has brought an evil curse on the Metropolitans. Citi Field is named after a defaulted bank, built in the image of a team that left New York over 52 years ago, and built on the backs of those who were ripped off by Bernie Madoff. 

Mets Blob loves Jackie Robinson and what he did for baseball, race relations, and humanity as a whole, but the fact is HE WAS NOT A NEW YORK MET! It is true the Cleon Jones rotunda does not have the same ring to it; but if you don't rebuild Ebbet's Field, you don't have to deal with naming a rotunda you asshole!
Early in Sunday's game Jose Reyes disappeared. We didn't learn why for some time because SNY is useless and sucks at the Wilpon's Devil teet.  We were sickened by the idea of what happened to our best player, but as fans we were forced to sit through Kevin Burkhardt yammering on about Todd Zeile's son's band JetStream. Really?! Todd Zeile's son's band? Kevin, Jose came out of the game, go find out why, you puppet. Todd Zeile played for 12 freakin' teams if you count the Mets twice - is this really more of a story than what happened to Jose? To SNY, clearly it is. 

Why have a roving, stuffed polo shirt, pseudo reporter if he's not going report on anything other than his predetermined fluff? Mets Blob understands from a TV production standpoint that Kevin needs to have a number of useless stories ready for each game. What the Blob does not understand is why do we need Kevin at all? With 3 guys in the booth most of the time, that's already one more announcer than any other team has. Are the Mets that hard to cover? Why add Kevin to the mix if he's not going to give us any information about important events in the game other than the "Gary, Keith, and Ron picnic bunch is here in the left field bleachers." 

We know you know where the clubhouse is, Kevin. We've seen you ruin watching the last inning of a game interviewing Tim Byrdak in the tunnel for so long we all felt like Chilean miners. 

The Blob eventually gave up on Kevin and went to his computer to find out what FOX was reporting on Yard Barker about Jose Reyes. Yes SNY, FOX and Yard Barker had more current information on the Reyes injury than the game you were covering with 25 cameras and a Kevin. 

By the way, if you are still waiting for Kevin to break the news, Reyes re-pulled his left hamstring running to first on a ground ball. This is the same hamstring Reyes injured earlier this season. The Mets claim it's a "mild" pull, but they lie, and we all know this is "major" bad news.
• More Bad News •
Daniel Murphy is out for the season. Jose Constanza dropped kicked Daniel Murphy's left leg on a late slide into second base, and that was that. All say the slide was clean, but the Atlanta rookie clearly has a ton of speed and still has no idea what to do with it. This condition is otherwise known as Carlos Gomez syndrome.
- Jose Constanza working on the finer points of rookie weirdness -
Combine Carlos Gomez syndrome with Murphy's not so nimble footwork and bam! Season-ending grade 2 tear of Murphy's left MCL. This was a day Murphy was to rest. The shuffle after the Reyes injury sent the Mets infield into a volleyball like rotation that hit it's apex when David Wright played shortstop for the first time in his career later in the game. Murphy pinch hit in the 6th, got a RBI infield single, and then was kept in the game to play 2nd base.
In a quest for finding the best spot in the field, many have called for Murphy to move back to 2nd base. This injury should end those talks. This is the second time Murphy has trashed a knee playing second base. The first time Murphy lost a year after trashing his right MCL playing second base on what was another routine play. The 2B experiment with Murphy is over, along with his season and his quest for a batting title. 

The Mets say Daniel will not need surgery, just 4 months of rehab. The Blob would take this as good news if it could believe anything the Mets medical staff says. They are crackpots who will F-up his rehab with myriad "setbacks" that will then force him to get surgery that will lead to more "setbacks" til they finally take Daniel out to one of the back fields during Spring Training and shoot him.
On a final note about Sunday's game, Jason Bay is a pussy. With the game on the line, Bay needed to take out Dan Uggla to avoid the double play. This is a legal play in professional baseball, and this time it was the right play. What good is a working class Canadian who does not know how to check someone? All we get is his weird ass slap shot swing, but no checking? Man up, Jason. Man up. Next time, pretend Uggla is the wall at Dodgers' Stadium. 

PS: If Uggla's hitting streak makes it to 30 games, then that's the same as Dimaggio hitting safely in 56 games. A guy who swings like Dan Uggla has no business hitting safely for 10 games in a row. For that puffy, bird-faced fire plug to do it for 30 games would be remarkable.

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