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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

• Wee Willie Duda •

- The Happy Nightcap -
Lucas Duda is a big, lumbering slugger, right? Mets Blob thought the same thing until the 8th inning tonight. With the Mets down by 2, with no outs and men on first and second, Duda shocked the world - okay it was Mets verses Padres - he did not shock the world. Lets just say he shocked the handful of people who were watching the game.


Terry Collins said Duda approached him before the at bat and mumbled: "Do you want me to bunt?" Collins responded by saying: "Do you know how to bunt?" Duda, ever the word-smith replied: "Yup." Then Duda went to the plate and put down a beautiful sac bunt.

Lucas Duda, who has not initiated a conversation since his epic failure at his 6th grade square dance actually spoke up. Collins didn't scream: "Get away from me you overgrown slob" through the PA system either. No, Terry welcomed the big lugs awkward advances with open arms. It was beautiful. Chicks dig the small ball. Sure Lucas still hears the voice in his head saying "Jeanie Anderson hates you" but maybe his bond with Terry will bring some positive voices to the fore. Maybe Duda will hear the voice say: "My skipper likes me, I can bunt. My skipper likes me, I can bunt. My skipper likes me, I can bunt. I am confident...kind of." After hearing that 500,000 times Lucas will forget all about Jeanie Anderson. Bitch.

A sac bunt, a sac fly, and a sacks full walk give the Mets the win and Izzy his 299th save.

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