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Saturday, August 13, 2011

•The Freaky Friday Change Up•

- D'Backs 4 - Mets 3 -
So, there are these two dudes, and they've been friends for like 30 years, and one night they get drunk and pee in a fountain while simultaneously expressing their wish to have the other's life. Then they wake up in the morning, and bam! They've switched bodies just like Jodie Foster and her pretty, blonde mom...except the pretty one is the immature, pot-smoking actor, and he suddenly finds himself with a wife, three kids, and an extra ball. Hilarity ensues and everyone learns a valuable lesson to boot. Fine family fun...well maybe not family fun...the husband/father/lawyer does end up with his thumb up a silicon-chested 65 years old's ass while working on a "lorn" (light porn) during the switch, and we do witness Leslie Mann dropping a massive deuce...and there are lots of F bombs, so maybe it's more "fine grown up who's had a couple of cocktails fun,"  but there are some decent laughs, unlike the Mets 4-3 loss to the Diamond Backs tonight at Chase Field.
A few innings into the game, Dillon Gee had already been smacked around like a pinata at an 8 year old's bowling alley birthday party. The Mets battled, and Bay had a hot night going 3-4, but it was not enough to take down the NL West leading Arizona Diamond Backs.

In the future, Mets Blob feels Gee will be a great addition to the Mets staff, but he is far from an ace. For a guy who did not make the team out of spring training, he had a fantastic start to his season. We embraced Dillon as our new favorite son, especially since comparatively Mike Pelfrey is a degenerate junky whose addiction to hand licking hit rock bottom when he stole from grandma's purse to support his filthy habit.
With our Siskel and Blobert lead in, you have guessed that Mr. and Mrs. Blob had a Friday night date night. But the story is still about the grass being greener in the National League West for the Diamond Backs.
Would the Mets like to wake up in the morning and be in the D'Backs shoes so they could get a shot at October and a crack at sleeping with Olivia Wilde? You bet. But no amount of Hollywood magic could make that happen for the NY Mets this year.
PS: K-Rod got a pinch hit infield single tonight for the Brewers. Then in true former Met fashion, he was pulled from the game after one pitch because he appeared to have pulled something running to first.

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