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Saturday, August 13, 2011

•Braindead but it's a Dry Braindead•

Diamondbacks 6 - Mets 4

The Mets fell to the Diamondbacks in Arizona tonight 6-4 in a game that had that hellish west coast road trip vibe to it. Mets fans have seen this game too many times not to recognize it. The Mets had a 4-2 lead evaporate quickly after Mike Pelfrey took a shot off the right elbow in the bottom of the 5th, forcing him to leave the game. DJ Carrasco came in and promptly gave up a 3 run Home Run to Ryan Roberts putting Arizona up 5-4. After the Mets took this blow they were done - teams that are out of the race have a hard time getting off the deck when playing contending teams and this is what we witnessed. Again, we have seen this game before. Many, many times.

  Pelfrey's Mouth
Mike Pelfrey is six-foot-seven, meaning the top of his brain is closer to the brutal Arizona sun then most. Yesterday the baking of his brain got to Mike leading him to make comments losers make - comments that should never be uttered by a professional athlete. For those of you who missed it, take a look at Pelfrey's quote to the NY Post:

"It’s unrealistic for anybody at the end of last year to come in and say, ‘The Mets, this is a one-year thing, next year we’re going to win it all…It’s unrealistic."

This is how an unnamed Met responded:

"He’s cutting his own throat…What’s his record, six and nine? He’s supposed to be the ace of the [bleeping] staff. Why don’t you go and win 12 or 13 games?”

The SNY spin machine squad led by Bobby O'Hairweave scrambled after the game to cover for Crazy Mike saying he stood up and "took the criticism like a man." Sorry Bobby, you are about as credible as that thing on your head. 

Why? How about you going on and on about Ruben Tejada saying how well he has played since the recall from Buffalo? Either you are Sandy Alderson's mouthpiece - trying to grease the skids for life after Jose Reyes - or you are nuts. Comparing Tejada to Reyes is like comparing your dime store mop to Keith's luxurious head of hair. Wake up and smell the Brylcreem.

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