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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes - Padres 9 - Mets 5

Bobby P's The Bed

The Mets set up the Padres early for another come from behind victory by quickly giving San Diego a 3-0 lead. In the first 2 innings R.A. Dickey and the Mets defense was sloppier than a saused, shirtless, David Hasselhoff eating a cheeseburger off the floor of a Vegas hotel room.
- Yes, that sloppy. -
The Mets loaded the bases with no out in the bottom of the 2nd, but didn't do Dickey with the opportunity. Dickey spotted the piss poor Padres offense 2 more runs in the top of 3rd making the San Diego lead 5-0.
In the top of the 4th, Keith interviewed Gary about how he prepares for each game. For those who missed this scintillating discourse, Donald Rumsfeld used tapes of similar Keith and Gary pow-wows to coerce confessions out of Guantanamo Bay inmates when water boarding failed.
Speaking of failed...In the bottom of the 4th, after Dickey knocked in the Mets first run, Ruben "I left my brain in Buffalo" Tejada failed to slide when Jason Pridie ( batting for Pagan who left the game due to back spasms, Pagan is day to day or dead. ) hit what should have been a sac fly to left field. Turner was on deck yelling for Tejada to slide as the throw came in high. Ruben didn't, and then lightly bumped into the tag like an accountant in a Lilith Fair mosh pit, and the rally was over.

The Metropolitains rallied in the sixth when Nick Evans, pinch hitting for Dickey, doubled in Josh Thole. Jason Pridie followed with a single to plate Evans making the score 5-3.

Pedro Beato came in for Dickey and once again had a poor outing giving the Padres one more run, increasing San Diego's lead to 6-3.

On to the bottom of the 8th, the come from behind inning of magic for the Mets the past 2 nights. Tejada lead off the inning with a double and was quickly plated by a Willie Harris pinch hit single, but that was all the Mets could muster. Still, the Mets were only down 6-4 heading to the 9th. The comeback was on.

Not so fast. Bobby Parnell came on in the top of the 9th and looked, disinterested, confused, timid and tired. Parnell proceeded to let the Padres slap him around for three ugly runs that put the game out of reach. Bobby also failed to touch first base on an easy force out; tip-toeing for the bag like a 70 year old fat lady testing the temperature of the surf in Atlantic City. 

Bobby Parnell can throw the ball over 100 mph. Mets Blob is tired of hearing about his "stuff." Major league pitchers - particularly closers - need guts. Stuff without guts is useless. Goose Gossage scared the life out of batters. Hitters looked out at the mound and saw a lunatic who would stick it in the ear hole of your helmet just for kicks. Batters look out at Parnell and see a harmless bumpkin.This is NY, Bobby. Man up.

The Mets brought the tying run to the plate in the bottom of the 9th but Willie Harris lined out. Ballgame over.

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