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Sunday, August 14, 2011

•Snakes Sweep Mets•

Diamondbacks 5 - Mets 3

The Mets fell to the Diamondbacks today in Arizona 5-3  in another uninspired effort. Chris Capuano was not sharp giving up 4 runs in 6 innings and whatever hopes the Mets had to rally were dashed by Ryota Igarashi who is not a Major League pitcher. Angel Pagan had 3 hits and Lucas Duda had 2 hits including a home run but that was about it for the offense. The Mets have now dropped 5 games in a row and 11 of 14.

Ryota Igarashi came on in the bottom of the 8th to try to keep the Mets within one run. San Diego's pen was not at full strength and the Mets would have a shot to come back in the 9th if the score remained 4-3. Here is what Iggy did: Hit the first guy/Walked the next guy/Gave up a single/Walked in a run. Are you kidding me?

 Where's Warthen?
Mets Blob sees a flaw in Ryota Igarashi's wind-up that seems pretty basic. Without getting too technical, here it is: STOP LOOKING IN THE UPPER DECK AND CONCENTRATE ON THE TARGET!
Mets Blob took this pic of Igarashi earlier last season in San Diego. If the Blob can see that Iggy is staring skyward, why can't Dan Warthen and Terry Collins see it? Maybe this explains Ryota's horror show performances. This is not the Fernando Valenzuela - look to the sky before you find your target - technique either. Igarashi never picks up the target on his release.

Mets Blob has intended to meet with pitching coach Dan Warthen to point out  Igarashi's pitching flaw but personal issues have prevented the Blob from contacting Warthen. You see, Dan Warthen is a dead ringer for Mets Blob's, half kind / half crazy, Junior High Wood-shop teacher.
The Blob is afraid Mr. Warthen might be in the half crazy state of mind and scream about the unfinished napkin holder that: "Looks like it was made by a retarded baboon. You call yourself a man, Blobish? I've seen better men at a rest-stop Dairy Queen! You aren't worth a tinker's damn, Blobish."

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