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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

•Padres Pound Mets at Petco•

Mets 1 - Padres 6
The dog days of summer bit the Mets tonight at Petco Park. Jon Niese was not at his best tonight in San Diego, but he kept the game within reach. The Mets defense was tentative and sluggish and did not do Niese any favors.
Scott Hairston played right field tonight with all the confusion and trepidation of a 14 year old boy trying to get to 3rd base for the first time. You would have no idea that Petco was once Hairston's home field. He looked about as comfortable playing the field as Lucas Duda would be as a guest on Meet The Press.
Angel Pagan also played a clueless center field. He needs to grow a pair and take control because that's what a center fielder does. Mets Blob is tired of hearing about Pagan finding a comfort zone in center. That is, for lack of a better term, bull shit. This is not rec softball, and he should have learned what a center fielder's job is as a teenager when we ALL did.
Mix in the fact that Angel has consistently made some of the weakest, most inaccurate throws the Blob has ever seen at the professional level. His arm is starting to make Johnny Damon look like Darryl Strawberry. The lack of consistency in Angel's day to day play has always been a big problem in his game. No doubt Pagan has the skills to be a top notch player, but his soft head for the game is troublesome.

Pedro Beato started the 7th inning with the Mets trailing 3-1 and quickly made the score 5-1.
Terry Collins gave Met fans a big, goofy, hand-licking treat tonight in the 7th when Mike "Met Fans Pray I Disappear for 2012 Because I am a Gutless Loon" Pelfrey came in to pitch in relief. And what a relief it was...for the Padres.
Pelfrey quickly got knocked around the yard and gave the Padres more cushin' for the Petco Park pushin', extending their lead to 6-1.
News Flash! Jason Bay still sucks. Mets Blob is very over the hard-on SNY gets for Jason Bay every time he strings together a few hits. Like they want us to feel Jason's 2 season long baseball abyss with the Mets is suddenly behind him. Bay is now on a 0-16 skid. Don't worry fans- they say he's a swell guy.
"Stay classy, Met fans."

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